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Pisces Characteristics

Pisces Characteristics
Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion rules this sign. Being the negative, watery sign of Jupiter, Pisces makes a person restless, imaginative and romantic. The native is upright, honest and humane. The temper of Pisces is changeable, being swayed by the opinions of others. Pisces born ascendants always fluctuate in their thoughts and actions.

Pisces born person romantic and dreamy in nature, attracted by all kinds of pleasures and rich food. There is lack of ambition and finds difficult to make speedy progress in the material zone. Two occupations are usually followed by the Pisces born individual. He is extremely sympathetic and is always ready to extend his succor to the poor without unnecessary analysis into the cause of poverty, likewise to the sick without going into the cause of sickness.

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