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Treatment of Infants Disease by Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Treatment of Infant’s Disease
Infants do not require anything other than mother’s milk. Mother milk is the greatest source of immunity provider to the baby. But in the initial few months, babies starts having problems such as baby reflux and baby cold etc. A common disorder found in the baby is the GI (Gastro Intestinal) disorders. About 5 billion babies suffer from GI. Apart from GI some other common problems seen in the new born babies or infants are Birth Injuries, Abdominal distension, Blue baby, coughing, excessive crying, jaundice, respiratory distension.

Ayurveda is very effective for the treatment of the baby disorders because the basis of medication is herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. It is effective and safe for the infants and the newborn baby. A child physical and mental health is a blessing to his home so parents should be aware of the child’s mental and physical health. Child’s immunity fluctuates according to the age group.

From Birth to 5 Years
A newborn baby does not have any immunity to live on this earth. Upto 1-2 years, breast milk gives the sufficient immunity to the child. Mother should try to feed the baby as much as possible avoiding solid food to the baby. When dentition starts in the baby few cooked rice and mashed potatoes should be given. In Ayurveda, Brahmi is very effective for improving the digestion and the immunity power of the child.

5-12 Years Age
This is the period of brain development and memory is kept in the brain. It is necessary to increase the memory power of the brain. In addition to Bahmi, other herbal medications such as Arvindashavam, Sarswatharishtam is used for the development of a sound mental condition.

Ayurvedic treatment of Infant’s disease is useful in the complete mental and physical development of the child. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines are safe and natural. These medicines work on the three main elements of the body such as vata, pita and kapha and remove any unnecessary complications in the baby or infants.

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