Birth Time Selection



Delivery Time: 2 Days
Child Birth Time Selection Solution: Astro Consultation will be given by Vedic Astrologer-Prashant Kapoor
Child Birth Time Selection Report: Report will be mailed separately with auspicious dates and time.

As per the high rate of C-Section births of child we provide the most auspicious timing for your child, which you can reserve with your expert doctor, birth in terms of good luck, health, prosperity, wealth, fortune, family harmony and general well being for both the child and the family.

This birth time selection report(auspicious date and time will be shared) will be prepared as per the current planetary positions of the stars and the birth details of the parents following the ancient Vedic concepts of Vedic Astrology.

Input required for providing this Child Birth Time Selection service.
Please provide the complete birth details for both the parents (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place), and preferred consultation time.

Please NoteĀ : Incase of unavailability of birth details one can mention the current time while filling the form including present location. In such special cases, all the astrological calculations and solutions will be provided with the help of Prasna Kundli/Horary Astrology.

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