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Gemstone Rosaries


Gemstone rosary is a combination of various gemstones, which can be used for prayer and meditation. The rosary is a set of prayer beads, in which each beads represents prayer. Rosary beads are available in all shapes and size. Rosary bead is a powerful tool to aid meditation and prayer. Rosary helps you to keep track of how many times you have counted particular prayers.

 Purpose Rare rosary beads made of gemstones, for enchanting prayers. Gemstone rosaries representing different planets that helps to create a positive environment in your home. For your overall success, prosperity and growth.

Gemstone rosary bead is made with a particular gemstone, and you can use gemstone rosaries as per your need and requirement.
Color is extremely important in gemology, so rosaries made of different gemstones works according to one’s requierment. It is made of both precious and semiprecious gemstones. Semiprecious stones have as much power as gemstones. Some are found in several colors, which can affect their attribute.

Astrokapoor have different rosaries of semiprecious gemstones, which you can use it for chanting specific prayers or to wear around your neck. We energize/consecrates each rosary with Vedic mantras by special Panditas and Acharyas under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Parshant Kapoor before dispatching it to you.

We have gemstone rosary of all kind of gemstones like Ruby, Pearl, Firoza, Coral, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Ruby, Pearl, Rose Quartz and Navratna all properly energized by special Vedic mantras

Associated Sub Categories


Product Name: Natural Turquoise Rosary-Firoza Mala Description: Made from natural turquoi...


Product Name: Fluorite Rosary-Mala Description: Made from natural Fluorite beads Fluorit...

Red Coral-Moonga

Product Name: Italian Red Coral Rosary-Moonga Mala Description: Made from natural red cor...


Product Name: Aquamarine Rosary-Mala Description: Beautiful faceted beads of natural aqua...


Product Name: Ruby Rosary-Manik Malaz Description: Made from natural untreated natural ru...


Product Name: Pearl Rosary-Moti Mala Description: Made from natural Pearl beads. Pearl i...

Rose Quartz

Product Name: Rose Quartz Rosary-Mala Description: Natural Rose Quartz Beads Rose Quartz...


Product Name: Navratna Rosary-Mala Description: Made form natural navratna beads. Navrat...


Product Name: Tourmaline Rosary Mala Description: Made from natural Tourmaline beads Tou...


Product Name: Amethyst Rosary-Kataila Mala Description: Made from natural Amethyst-Katail...


Product Name: Quartz Rosary-Mala Description: Quartz mala made from natural quartz beads....

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