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Product Name: Amethyst Rosary-Kataila Mala
Description: Made from natural Amethyst-Kataila beads.

Amethyst-Kataila is an extremely powerful and protective stone. Amethyst is a crystalline gem of deep blue with a touch of purple. Amethyst is found worldwide, but most commonly in United States, Britain, Canada, Brazil and India. It is a wonderful stone to open third eye during meditation. It is a symbol of transmutation and indicates alchemical process of the physical, emotional, and spiritual nature.

Amethyst is considered as a stone of wisdom. It dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

What is special about Amethyst Mala-Rosary Benefits?
Amethyst has a high density vibration. It is one of the spiritual stones, which promote love of the divine. Amethyst has a great healing power. It is very helpful in treating insomnia. It enhances your memory and improves motivation, which helps you to set realistic goals.

Amethyst helps to boost proper hormones in your body. It cures physical, emotional and psychological problems. it eases headache and releases tension. It heals diseases of the lungs and respiratory disorders.

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