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Product Name: Rose Quartz Rosary-Mala
Description: Natural Rose Quartz Beads

Rose Quartz is a strong healer of the heart. It is available in soft shades of pink. Rose Quartz promotes feelings of friendship and goodwill. It is also called as a stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz is very helpful in trauma. It calms negativity and brings deep inner healing. It teaches the pure essence of pure love. It is excellent for improving relationship corner of your home. It gently draws off negative energy. It strengthens empathy and sensitivity. Rose Quartz opens your heart and teaches you to love yourself. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance of self-trust and self-worth.

Purpose: Keep rose quartz side by your bed in the relationship corner of your home. It will bring love and balanced positive energy in your marital life.

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