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Certified Aragonite Gemstone
Aragonite gemstone is named after aragon region in spain, where pseudo hexagonal crystal was found. Aragonite is a carbonate mineral, typically same as calcite. Aragonite is a fibrous round in appearance and no rhombohedral. Aragonite typically comes in a glassy appearance. This stone varies in color combination also. It is found in gray, yellow, colorless, violet and brown in color. Aragonite is also called as primary mineral, which makes up organic compound known as mother of pearl. The crystal structure of Aragonite acts like a prism as it is orthorhombic. A clear rays of light is visible when passed through. It is a polymorph of calcite having the same crystal with same chemical composition but different physical structure. They are compact granular, masive and readily available. Mentally, Aragonite has a calming effect. It is an effective stress reducer. At a spiritual level, Aragonite brings universal love in the life. It calms apprehensions and allows uncertainity to be tolerated.This stone calms and grounds the spirit. It has a strong links to the spiritual level. This yellow stone promotes introspection and corrects imbalances of the body.

Source and Origin of Aragonite Gemstones
Aragonite was found in Spain in Guadalajara, 25 km from argon and named in the year 1979. It is formed naturally in almost all mollusks shell and calcareous deposit. Of warm and cold water corals. It is also formed in oceans and in caves as inorganic precipitates. This gemstone or crystal is thermodynamically unstable at standard temperature and pressure. It is also found in Spain, Mexico, Morocco and Arizona.

Geological Properties
Mineral – Carbonate, aragonite group.
Color – white, yellow, brown, violet, colorless.
Hardness – 3 to 4
Specific Gravity – 2.95

Metaphysical Properties of Aragonite
Aragonite is a grounding stone. It is useful in balancing the central energies. This unique stone removes the negative vibrations by enhancing the crown chakra. It also stabilizes the base chakra and strengthens your connection with the earth energy.
Aragonite increases inner energy, boost self confidence and feelings of self worth. It is an excellent stone for the people who are in a strained relationship especially parents and the partners. Aragonite relieves mental tension, releases stress and worries. It also controls anger and brings patience in the situation of most need. It is mainly used by the healers and people who eants to attain spirituality.
Aragonite also promotes reliability and discipline in people. In work place this stone helps to provide mental energy needed to fulfill the professional requirement.

Aragonite is a powerful healer. It treats the Reynaud’s disease and the recurrent chills. Aragonite heals the bones, aids calcium absorption and restores elasticity to the discs of the body. It also stops night twitches and muscle spasm. It strengthens the immune system and regulates processes that are proceeding too fast. This crystal is useful for grounding floaty people into their body. Aragonite can be placed on amap to heal stress lines in the earth.

Benefits of Aragonite
Aragonite is a stone which bring calm and peace in the life of the wearer. It is useful for the people who are continuously in the stress related areas. It is beneficial for lawyers, students, magistrate, official job, administrators and various corporate sectors.

Yellow Aragonite
Yellow Aragonite is good for children. It helps to overcome night terrors and dreams. Yellow Aragonite helps to protect oneself from cough, cold, flu and viral fever. It brings love, protection and smoothness in the relationship. Yellow Aragonite is very helpful in bringing calm home atmosphere. It brings finance and prosperity in the business and hobs. People of business can keep aragonite beads to attract luck.
Aragonite beads can be used in pendant, rings and necklace in the form of jewelry to attract good luck and enhance prosperity in the personal and professional life.

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