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Bangkok Blue Sapphire
Blue sapphire is a variety of Corundum. Blue sapphire is a compound of Aluminum and Oxygen. Due to the presence of trace amount of cobalt in it, it appears blue in color. Bangkok Blue Sapphire/Neelam is one of the most beautiful gemstone which you will come across. Bangkok Blue Sapphire is light to dark blue in color due to more amount of blue hue present in it. Hue is the commonly understood as color of the gemstone. Blue Sapphire is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone. It is said that if Blue sapphire gives good effect to wearer can achieve huge success. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn relates to hard work and patience. A person wearing Blue Sapphire is gifted by the fruit of success by hard working and patience. This gemstone gives good effect to only hard working people.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire provides lot of benefit which can be described as follows…
It gives peace of mind and brings happiness. Blue Sapphire is an excellent stone to connect with the spiritual mind. If there is a ill placed or weak Saturn in your birth chart then, Blue Sapphire is your perfect gemstone. Sapphires were very prominent in early medical astrology for the treatment of various diseases. In present day also, it is widely used in medical astrology for the treatment of various ailments. Blue Sapphire stone heals eye problems, boils, cuts wounds and also increases fertility.
If a pendant of Blue sapphire is worn around neck then it correct the defective vision and also strengthen the heart.
A blue sapphire ring brings wisdom and spiritual attainment in life. If Blue Sapphire becomes chalky in appearance, then coming danger passes easily form the life of the wearer. Saturn denotes longevity. Wearing this stone increases life span and protects from the disease and various life threatening ailments.

Profession benefitted by wearing Blue Sapphire
People in business of export and import, transport, vehicles, production of minerals and textiles are benefitted by wearing Blue Sapphire/Neelam stone. Surgeons, mechanical engineers, astrologers, doctors, scientist, writers and prison warden get benefit by wearing this stone.

Advantage of wearing Blue Sapphire/Neelam
Bangkok Neelam gives immense advantage to the wearer. Blue sapphire/Neelam when combine with other gemstones helps to fight from cancer, kidney disease, nerve disease and paralysis. Blue Sapphire brings name, fame and wealth to the wearer. Blue Sapphire guards against thieves, dangers, accidents, fire and heavy storms.
This stone makes one detached and protects from the envy. It gives immense luck the wearer, so it is also known as a lucky gem.
It helps to remove and cure the disease related to nervous tensions. As, Saturn is the slowest moving planets it causes chronic disease.
Birth Stone
Blue Sapphire is the birth stone for the month of September. But before wearing this stone, consult a proper astrologer. Don’t ever wear this tone without consulting any expert astrologer.

Method of wearing Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire should be studded in silver and should be particularly worn on Saturday. It may be worn on the middle finger of right or left hand. The gemstone should be immersed for one hour before wearing.Blue Sapphire-Neelam Bangkok

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