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Certified Bornite Gemstone
Bornite is a semi precious stone, which is a copper mineral mined in Mexico. It is brown to copper red in color. It has purple to brown iridescent color, which imparts beautiful peacock color, so named as Peacock ore or Peacock copper. Bornite transforms heavy situations and brings freshness and newness in the life of the wearer.

Source: Bornite is generally mined in Mexico, Bristol, Arizona, South Africa, Morocco, Namibia and Germany.

Crystal Healing and Uses of Bornite
Bornite is an excellent healing stone. It harmonizes the cellular structure of the body. It assists in the regulation of proper adrenaline hormone. It also assists in the treatment of convulsion and mental trauma. This stone is an excellent stone for the treatment of fever and swelling.

Bornite Metaphysical Properties
Bornite is a stone of happiness and charm. It helps to break away from negativity. It can remove blockage and creates positive vibes in your life. Bornite is very useful to block geopathic stress of the body.
Mentally, it assists mental healing. It helps to align emotions with intellect. It is an excellent balancing stone. It assists you to balance your emotions properly.
Physically, it cures the problems of nerve and tissue. It cures chronic over acidity and gastric problems.

Why Bornite Crystal?
Bornite is a semiprecious healing stone. If you want a perfect balance between your mind and the body, then you can go for Bornite. All the semi precious gems are safe to use. They work best and even cheaper than the precious gemstone.
Note: You cannot use precious gemstone without your proper birth chart. But, it is recommended to use semiprecious gems, even if you don’t have your correct horoscope.

Bornite Jewelry
It is used in jewelry to enhance the beauty of precious gemstone. You can use this stone studded along with other stone in the ring or ornaments. It can be used in pendant or as a finger rings.

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