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Certified Calcite Gemstone
Calcite is the primary ore of calcium and the most stable form of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is found in the abundant form and is the most important ore of calcite gemstone. Calcite is often called as “Limespar”’ or “calspar”. Calcite deposits are found in the deposits of sedimentary rocks such as limestone. Calcite is soft and fragile as compared to other gemstones. It is also called as collector’s stone as it lacks the hardness and durability needed for making of jewelry. The hardness of calcite can be compared to Amber, Coral and Chrysocolla.
Calcite is a very important mineral used in the industrial applications. It is used in the construction industry in the process of cementation.

Calcite Gemstone Origin and Sources
Calcite is found in many locations in the world, but the most important sources of calcite are Chihuahua and Mexico. It is also found in United States, New Jersey, New York, Germany, Texas, Africa and Czech Republic.

Calcite Gemstone value
Color – In the purest for, Calcite is a colorless stone. The most common color of Calcite found is white, grey, red and blue.
Clarity – It is found in transparent to translucent in appearance. It has an attractive vitreous luster.
Calcite Treatment – It is an untreated gemstone.
Cut and Shape – It is often faceted or carved. The most common shapes in which calcite are cut are ovals, octagons and cushion.

Calcite Gemological Properties
Chemical Composition – Calcium carbonate
Crystal – Trigonal
Hardness – 3 on the Mohs scale
Luster – Vitreous
Transparency – Transparent to translucent

Calcite Metaphysical Properties
Calcite is associated with fire, water, wind and earth. Calcite enhances the metaphysical energies and it is an excellent grounding stone. Calcite balances all the chakras and heals the metaphysical plane of a person. It increases creativity and brings spirituality and wisdom to the wearer. It is an excellent grounding stone which can be used with other crystal. It is excellent for alternative crystal healing.
Calcite is used in Medical Astrology since ancient time for the treatment of back pain and rheumatism. It strengthens the teeth, bones, and eyes. Calcite is associated with the planet Venus and represents the Sun and the Moon. Calcite is the premier cleaner of the stored negative energies.

Calcite Benefits
Calcite is a powerful healer and amplifier of energy. Psychologically, calcite helps to connect the emotions with the intellect and creates emotional intelligence. It has a positive effect especially where someone who has lost hope or motivation. It removes laziness, aiding in becoming more energetic on all levels.
Mentally, calcite calm the mind, teaches and helps to analyse the memory. It confers the ability to change the ideas into action.
Calcite alleviates emotions stress and replaces it with serenity. It is a stabilizing stone. It enhances trust in oneself and strengthens the ability to overcome setbacks.

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