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Chrysocolla with Malachite
Chrysocolla malachite is one of the most beautiful, colorful semi-precious gemstone known until now. Chrysocolla stone is a silicate of copper, and blends well with malachite. These are found in beautiful green and blue color. The source of Chrysocolla-Malachite is Arizona. Most of the Chrysocolla-Malachite is also found in the Bagdad Copper Mine.
Chrysocolla-Malachite is a fragile stone. It is usually cut en-cabochon. It is about 3-4 on the Moh’s scale and proper care must be taken while handling the stone.

Chrysocolla is named after the Greek, Chrysos – “gold”, and “Kolla”- glue in illusion to the name of the material used to soldier gold.

Metaphysical Properties
Chrysocolla is associated with serenity and tranquility. It brings peace, patience, tolerance to the mind and the brain. Chrysocolla- malachite is said to assists you in the changing situation and condition. It is very useful in bringing positive vibes around the soul and the body. This stone clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance. If placed on the third eye, it activates visualization and psychic vision.

Healing Properties
Chrysocolla-malachite is a great healer. It heals the body inner ability to fight against any diseases. Mentally, it goes to the base of the problem and enhances the intuition. It helps to remove mental depression and other psychic problems. It releases negative experiences and old traumas. At an emotional level, it may make moods more intense but quick to change. Chrysocolla can be used for needed support in the healing and transformation process by other stones.
It is an extremely versatile stone. Chrysocolla resonates the female sexual organs and treats any sexual disease. This stone lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, tumors, optic nerve disease and swollen joints.

Chrysocolla – Malachite Position
Wear on left hand or place on third eye. Position as appropriate for healing, if placed on the solar plexus it helps to absorb negative emotions. An extremely cautious note-Malachite may cause heart palpitations, in this case remove immediately and replace it with Rose Quartz and Rhodonite.

Chrysocolla with Malachite is an excellent combination. It may manifest as a clear gem crystal with a very high healing vibration. This combination symbolizes wholeness and peace. If one stone is placed on the third eye and another on the solar plexus, mind, body and emotions are balanced.

Chrysocolla Zodiac
Chrysocolla – Malachite is a zodiac stone for Sagittarius. These people are calm, sober and gentle full of patience and charm.  

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