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Certified Green Sapphire Ceyloni Gemstone
Green Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone. It is a very uncommon variety of green corundum. Due to its high iron content, green sapphire appears bright green in color. Sometimes, it is greenish yellow and yellowish green in color. The surface of green sapphire is usually fine and lustrous. These gems are usually small to medium sized. Green sapphire comes in all kind of shapes like square, fancy, mixed and oval cut etc.

Green sapphire has most pronounced pleochroism. It exhibit very fine distinction of light, when observed in different angles. It can occur in colors from light mint to dark forest green.

Origin: The finest green sapphire comes from Sri Lanka-Ceylon and rare gemstone. It is also found in Australia, Bangkok, Burma and United States.

Benefits of Green Sapphire
Green Sapphire helps to improve self esteem and strengthens positive traits. It releases fear and deep-seated stress. It helps to develop strength. Green Sapphire brings wisdom and loyalty in your life. Mentally, it promotes self-expression and communication. It helps the intellectual people to access their intuitive feeling. It is generally known as the “Stone of Wealth”. This stone stimulates the heart chakra.

Green Sapphire in Career and Profession
Green Sapphire is an excellent gemstone for improving the wisdom. This stone helps the writer and academician. It enhances communication power and administrative skills. This stone is thought to increase convincing power. It is helpful for the people who are in the profession of architecture, journalism, teaching, scientist, research scholars and doctors.

Green Sapphire in Gems Therapy and Medical Astrology
Green Sapphire is traditionally used in healing eye strain. It helps to improve vision. This stone calms overactive body and regulates the glandular system of the body. It improves the nervous system of the body and strengthens the veins.

Since ancient time, it is considered a very good gemstone for improving the elasticity of the visceral organs. It heals the throat and muscle spasm. It boosts the production of hormones and tunes the endocrine system. It is an excellent cleanser for the blood. At a subtle level, Green Sapphire balances physical, mental, and emotional bodies and links them to the spiritual world.

Please note: This color specific sapphires are recommended to wear after having a proper consultation with a Medical Astrologer.
If you are looking for a medical astrologer you may consult our Medical Astrologer - Mr. Parshant Kapoor.
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