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Howlite Gemstone Meaning
Howlite is an extremely calming stone. Howlite is named after its discoverer Henry How who found it in the year 1868 in Nova Scotia. It is mainly a composition of Borate mineral, which occurs in Canada and parts of USA. Howlite crystals, which are transparent, is extremely hard to find now a days. It has an appearance of a white marble and the surface of the gemstone is smooth with a little grey, black or grayish color veins running over the surface of the gemstone. This white stone is porous in nature due to which it can absorb dye well and it can be sold as a turquoise, red coral or lapis lazuli, so care should be taken while buying an original Howlite gemstone.

Howlite Healing
Howlite white color helps to relieve insomnia and other sleep related disorders. It helps to balance the excess calcium level of the body and aids in the proper development of teeth and soft tissue. It is very useful for the growing children as it helps in the proper development of the teeth and the calcium in the growing children. The pendants of Howlite beads are very useful for the people who are suffering from depression.

Howlite Information
Howlite has a link to the spiritual dimensions. It opens up the attunement and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights. Howlite assists journey out of the past lives. Psychologically, it teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage and too much anger. Howlite stills the mind and is a powerful sleep medication. It can turn the turbulent emotions, especially of the past lives and releases the strings of the old emotions.

Howlite Sources
Although it was discovered in Canada, most Howlite now comes from California, and Los Angeles, USA. Deposits of Howlite have been found in Turkey, Germany and Mexico. Rarest Howlite gemstone is found in only two places; Tick Canyon, California and Iona, Nova Scotia.

Howlite Gemmological Properties
Color – Milky white
Hardness – 3.5 on the Mohs scale
Transparency – Opaque
Density – 2.45 to 2.58

Howlite Benefits
This stone is very useful in the treatment of past negative memories and helps to stabilize the mind. Howlite is famous for its white spark rays that eliminates the negative tendencies in a person.
Howlite gemstone is used in precious jewelry along with other gemstones to enhance the beauty of the same. Wearing Howlite jewelry, rings and pendants can help to enhance the aura and the beauty in women. Blue Howlite aids in dream call, accessing the insights dream. 

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