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Certified Moissanite Gemstone

Moissanite is an extraordinary marble which was revealed by Henri Moissan. This was discovered by Henri Moissan, a noble prize winning chemist, so named as Moissanite. Firstly, it was identified as crystals as diamond, but later it was identified as silicon carbide. This stone is formed by the covalent bonding similar to the diamond, so it can withstand even high pressure of 52.7 gigapascals. Diamonds are too expensive to be used in the large ornaments, so Moissanite is used in place of diamonds to give beautiful appearance to the ornaments. It has the same optical properties as diamond.

Natural occurring Moissanite is extremely rare and is found only in microscopic crystal. Natural source of silicon carbide is also very rare and only specific atomic arrangement is used for the making of jewelry. It is sourced from Arizona.

Color: Moissanite is clear and colorless like fine diamond.

Healing Properties of Moissanite

Natural Moissanite is an excellent rumination stone. It provides composure and strengthens the inner self of the wearer. It provides radiance in all the walks of life. This stone helps to remove darkness form the inner self, and fills natural and spiritual awakening in the life. It persuades suspicion and abolishes annoyance.

Special Properties and Uses

Moissanite is hexagonal in shape. It is found rarely in iron nickel meteorites and ultra-mafic igneous rock. It looks like a monochrome diamond, but also found primarily in washy green color. It has a very tough pebble, so it is widely use in place of diamond.

Why Moissanite from Astrokapoor?

We carry only the top and natural Moissanite stone. We do not carry any older Moissanite gemstone. We carry only top quality “Charles and Clovard” stone. We do not have any imperfect stone. All the stones are lab tested and certified.


Moissanite is used to access past life information and removes blockage or resistance to spiritual growth. It enhances telepathy especially in the initial practice. It blocks geopathic stress.

It can be used in jewelry, as a pendant or earrings.

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