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Padparadscha -Orange Sapphire African

Orange Sapphire African is a light orange colored gemstone belonging to the mineral kingdom Corundum.  Sapphire is a gemstone belongs to the variety of mineral corundum. It is typically associated with different colors. Sapphires are most valuable having a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale second only to diamond. Padparadscha Orange Sapphire African is one of the rarest gemstone, derived its name from the Sinhalese term for lotus flower. 
Padparadscha – Orange Sapphires have a highly appealing pinkish orange color. As denoted above it is made of corundum, sapphires having small traces of different colors are a composition of small amount of chromium and iron content together. These two minerals are present in an equal amount in the Orange Sapphire African gemstone.
The Padparadscha or Orange Sapphire African is available in a range of colors starting from the dark orange hue to light and pinkish orange. 
African Orange Sapphire Gemology
The gemology composition is similar to the sapphires because it is the colored variety of sapphire.
Color – Light orange to Pinkish orange
Moh’s scale -9
Luster – Vitreous
Crystal system – Trigonal
Solubility – Insoluble
Padparadscha or Orange Sapphire in Medical astrology and Gems therapy
From an ancient era, orange sapphire is used for the treatment of various chronic diseases. This stone is traditionally used for treating the disease of immune system hence strengthening the body antibodies. It is beneficial for the person suffering from the brain problem or memory problem, including epilepsy, hysteria and migraine. 
Since last ancient centuries, African orange sapphire is widely used for healing of a septic condition caused due to insect bite or poison consumption.
There are number of recommendations for wearing Padparadscha Orange Sapphire. It is recommended that sapphire be set in gold and worn on Sunday or Thursday as per proper astrological consultation. 
Astrological use of Orange Sapphire African
Due to combination of colors, light orange and slightest pink color along with little yellow makes it a gemstone for propagating the ill effect of Sun, Mars and Jupiter combination. Two to three varieties of Sapphire’s are used until, the discovery of the rarest orange sapphire is a perfect combination for pacifying the ill effect of planetary combinations. 
Origin: Africa, Zimbabwe and continents of Africa
As this sapphire is alluring to the eyes, however it is recommended that colored sapphire or Padparadscha African Orange Sapphire should be worn after proper consultation from an expert astrologer. 
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