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Certified Rhodochrosite Gemstone
Rhodochrosite is a semiprecious gemstone, which is found in pink, light pink and orange in color. Rhodochrosite has a banded appearance and surface is often polished or tumbled. It is easily obtained. It was firstly introduced in the market in the year 1940. Rhodochroscite is not so hard rating on the Moh’s scale, but it is used in the making of beautiful jewelry. Rhodochrosite is composed of manganese carbonate. Transparent stone is very rare to find, so it is widely available in banded stripes of red color, which looks similar to malachite and agate. It is found most commonly in pink to light pink in color.
It is cut in the shape of cabochons. Rhodochroscite is well known to soothe the heart and generate warm feeling between the two people. It is generally knwn by the name of pink stone as widley found in the Pink color. Rhodochroscite encourages a positive attitude and enhances dream staes and creativity.

Rhodochroscite Gemology

Chemical Formula – Manganese Carbonate
Color – Rose red to Yellowish, stripped
Hardness – 4 on the Mohs scale
Cleavage – Perfect
Transparency – Transparent to Opaque
Luster - Vitreous

Origin: Rhodochrosite is mainly found in United States, South Africa, Africa, Russia, Argentina and Brazil.

Why Semi precious Gemstone Rhodochrosite?
Semi precious gemstone has the same qualities as the precious gemstone. The semiprecious gemstone can be very well considered, if you are incapable of buying the precious gemstone. Although semi precious gemstone lack few characteristic of precious gemstone, but yet they have the quality which can act as a precious gemstone

Rhodochrosite metaphysical properties
Rhodochrosite pink color is associated with emotional healing. It represents selfless love and compassion. It is a stone of heart bonding and balancing good loving relation. It is also called as the stone of relationship. Rhodochroscite is very good stone for increasing bond between two people. It enhances love in the marital life.
At a psychological level, it is useful for the improvement of self-worth and soothes emotional imbalance. It increases positive attitude and enhances self-confidence to the wearer.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful irritant fixer. It relieves asthma and respiratory problems. It also purifies the circulatory system and kidneys. It normalizes the blood pressure and stabilizes the heart beat, and stimulates sexual organs. Rhodochroscite also purifies the circulatory system and mainatins the blod pressure. It is a semiprecious gemstone which is widley used in the treatment og blood related disorders. Pink Rhodochroscite invigorates the sexual organs and helps to maintain a healthy sexual life. If Rhodochroscite bead is used as a jewelry studded in a pendant and rings it gives relief from the aching physical body.
As, it is a powerful irritant fixer, it dilates blood vessels and relieves migraine. This stone also improves the skin conditions and balances the thyroid gland.

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