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Ruby Madagascar Gemstone
Ruby Madagascar is a highly precious gemstone. Madagascar Ruby is relatively new in the market and new in the gem market. The impressive red color of this stone and distinct cut and shape of Madagascar rubies fascinate every gem lover.
Madagascar Ruby quality is fine with a bright streak of red color and luster on the surface. In Madagascar the fine quality of rubies was naturally discovered in places like Vatomandry and Andilamena. The Andilamena is famous for producing the best quality rubies. On the other hand, vatomandry bequeaths light red color, lemon color and orange color stone.
Ruby gems Madagascar
With a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale, rubies are made of corundum. It is the second hardest material known to the man. The name corundum was derived from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Kuruvindam’. Ruby is sourced from various locations across the world such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Madagascar. Madagascar is one of the newer sources of ruby.
Where is Madagascar Located?
Madagascar is located approx 400 km off the coast of South east Africa. The two most important locations of deposits of Madagascar ruby is in the eastern region of Andilamena and Vatomandry. The first rubies from this region were found in October 2000 but were hidden from the market due to low quality and rough surface of the gemstone. It lacked luster and shiny appearance, so in January 2001, better qualities of rubies were discovered and after few weeks, there were nearly 40,000 workers working in the Andilamena area mining Madagascar Rubies gemstone.
Ruby Madagascar Price
The price of this stone depends on the cut, clarity and color. Brilliantly colored and finely cut gemstone fetches more price than dull colored and light colored gemstone. But before buying Madagascar rubies it is essential to get a certificate of authentication from a reputed gems laboratory such as IGI, GIE or GIA. Many fake gemstones dealers in the market sell heated and synthetic rubies in the name of Madagascar Ruby, so make sure that you buy this precious gemstone from a reputed gemstones dealer.
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Who should wear Ruby?
Sun is ruled by Ruby. A person having a weak or afflicted sun in the horoscope should contact an experienced Vedic astrologer because without proper consultation wearing Madagascar Ruby may harm you. A well-placed sun in the horoscope gives excellent result if Ruby is worn as a pendant, ring or necklace. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

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