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Certified Sardonyx
Sardonyx is a semiprecious gemstone which is a mixture of onyx and carnelian. Sardonyx is found in black, red, brown and clear in color. It is a variety of silica mineral chalcedony. It has a banded surface, opaque. It may be large or small, and often tumbled. It is rarely found and easily obtained. As, it is a combination of onyx and carnelian, it is very useful for the people who are educationist. The properties of sardonyx help the wearer to combat the blood related disorders. It brings lasting happiness in the life of the wearer. If gridded around the home, it prevents crime and other ill effect near the house.

Origin: Sardonyx is mainly found in Brazil, India, Russia and Asia.

Sardonyx is an excellent form of Onyx and Carnelian. Onyx properties of this stone make it helpful for the people in the educational field. It gives the same benefit as emerald and other stone for Mercury. The properties of carnelian, helps the wearer to increase the leadership quality and also cure any blood related disorders. Astrologically, this semiprecious stone can be used to heal both mental and the physical body.

Why Semi Precious stone Sardonyx?
Sardonyx can be used to enhance the optimism and positivity in the life of the wearer. Black or tumbled sardonyx can be used against the black magic and ill eye. Semiprecious gems are cheaper than the precious stone. These are very soothing and can be worn, even if you don’t have any birth chart. These heal the mind and body and balance all the chakras of the body.

Benefits of Sardonyx
Sardonyx was used by the sailors in the ancient time as a talisman. It brings happiness in the life of the wearer. It brings stability in marriage and partnership. It helps to attract good friends and good fortune. This stone increases socialization within family circles. It removes the negative energy within your surroundings. Sardonyx supplements will power and strengthens character. It increases stamina, vigor, and self control. This stone alleviates depression and overcomes hesitation. It improves perception and aids the process of information communication.

Sardonyx helpful in Career and Profession
Sardonyx is an excellent gemstone to enhance the mental capability. It helps the professional who are in the field of education and teaching. It enhances the mental power and boost self confidence. It increases concentration. It is very effective for the students who are preparing for the competitive examinations. It is good for the teachers, administrators, politicians and the people of public domains.

Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology
Sardonyx heals the lungs and bones. It is traditionally used for strengthening the immune system. it aids in the absorption of nutrients and helps in metabolism. It remove toxic product from the body and regulates proper flow of blood.
Since ancient are, its granule is granule is tied on the stomach for curing chronic gastritis and acidity..

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