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Solar Eye Quartz
Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz, it is sliced from stalactites. It is clear in appearance with presence of mossy inclusions on the surface. It is an energy enhancer and helps to connect to the spirit with harmony. Solar eye is very popular in bringing emotional strength and connecting to the spirit with the harmony.
Solar eye crystal concentrates and accelerates the energy passing through it into a tight beam and acts like a laser. Solar eye detaches entities or attachments and ties to the other people, and cuts away negativity from the life. It is a powerful protector of aura and physical body. At a mental and emotional level, it removes in appropriate attitudes and outmoded thought patterns.

Solar Eye Healing
Solar eye brings emotional strength and uplifts the power and the energy. It has all the properties of clear quartz and is protective and purifying on the spiritual and mental level. It is also used to communicate with the spirits and works on all the chakras of the body.
It is often dyed with vivid colors. Natural Solar Eye does not have electric looking colors. Solar eye is useful for conditions that flare up, such as infections and fevers. If placed on the site of swelling, it reduces fibrous and tissues growth, if placed in the bathwater or as an essence it alleviates painful swellings and joint problems.

Solar Eye Metaphysical Properties
Mentally, solar eye blocks repetitive and distracting thought patterns and inspires imagination, it aids as a reasoning stone and enhance the creativity of the person. Physically, solar eye is helpful in reenergizing after exhaustion serious illness and improves the intuition power.
It encourages the positive thoughts and reorganizes the brain patterns that lies in learning the difficulties and draws off the negative thoughts and tend loving support to the body. It is an exceptionally a good pain reliever.

Solar Eye Quartz Sources
Solar Eye is found in all location around the world. The main sources of solar eye include Brazil and Africa with some of them found in Asia. It is cut en cabochon, means a gemstone with a domed top. The shapes of solar eye quartz are based on what stone looks in the rough surface. Mostly, solar eye is found in free form, which means that they are cut to the shape of original stones found in India.

Solar Eye Properties
Solar eye is durable quartz. It belongs to the family of quartz so it shares the same properties as quartz. It has hardness of 7 on the Moh’s scale. The hardness on the Moh’s scale determines it’s hardness with other gemstones. The minimum hardness for making jewelry of solar eye is 7, this is why the solar eye or solar quartz is used every day in the gems and jewelry industries.  

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