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Turquoise - Feroza Tibet
Turquoise Feroza - Tibet is the oldest stone in the man’s history. The Turquoise is a naturally occurring gemstone. It is mainly composed of copper aluminium anhydrous sulphate. It is found in bluish green in color, and even the color Turquoise has derived from this gemstone. Tibetan Turquoise or Chinese Turquoise is green in color. It carries slightly different vibrations then the blue one. It is the birthstone for the person born in the month of December.
Turquoise / Feroza gemstone is well known since ancient era of Turkey, Europe and even the Latin America. Egypt is known as the highly appraised place for Turquoise gemstones. The Aztec civilization, the Mughals and the ancient Mongol were the ardent lovers of this blue green gemstone. It is used in rings, necklace, pendants and also worn as beads.
The name Turquoise is derived from the French, Pierre Turquoise, means Turkish because the traders who bought this stone was through the area of Turkish. Turquoise beads dated some 5000 B.C have been found in Iraq.
One of the most interesting features of this gemstone is that it is the easiest gemstone to imitate, so it is essential to buy this gem from a proper gemstone consultant.

Turquoise - Feroza Tibet Gemology
Color – Green, Brown, Blue
Appearance – Opaque
Chemical – Phosphate mineral
Mohs scale – 5 to 7

Source – Turquoise Tibet is mainly obtained from Tibet.

Turquoise Tibet / Feroza Benefits
Turquoise Tibet is used to clear the throat chakra. It releases the blockage of self suppression. As, jewelry it is worn by men and women as pendant, necklace. It is used in scared spiritual beads to attain the level of high spiritual and angelic realms.
Turquoise rosary can invoke the deity. Tibetan Turquoise if given as a gift can bring natural fortune power to the individual.
Physically, Turquoise can strengthen the immune system. It cures infections, reduces acidity, heals the wound and removes viral infections. It also enhances the physical and psychic realm.
Psychologically, Turquoise increase calm and creative expression in a person. It reduces the mood swings and self – sabotage tendency. Mentally, It brings clarity of the thoughts and also increases concentration.
If, Turquoise is placed in the workplace, it promotes leadership and assists regular travel which in turn brings good growth in the professional life. This green stone is a stone of clear communication. It removes writer’s block and helps one to bring clear communication of the thoughts. Turquoise is especially recommended for the writer, accountant and profession associated with writing and mental clarity.
If used as a crystal, Turquoise protects from accidents, loss or theft, and especially falls. It also protects your pets from any mishaps.

Before Buying Turquoise - Feroza Tibet
Color – A spotless green color
Clarity – It is opaque and translucent in appearance.

Why Turquoise - Feroza Tibet from Astrokapoor
We at Astrokapoor always offer natural gemstones to our clients. All the gemstones are passed through different tests to prove their authenticity. You can directly buy natural Turquoise Tibet / Firoza from our Astro store. We provide gemstones in a wholesale price to our clients.  

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