Madhya Pradesh Election 2023

Madhya Pradesh Elections 2023 astrological predictions by | Prashant Kapoor

Madhya Pradesh Elections 2023, in which the Election Commission has declared the date of elections. Elections will start on 17th November 2023 and the results will be declared on 3rd December 2023. As per Mundane Astrology, Astrologer Prashant Kapoor has analyzed, About which party will get the majority and of which party the Chief Minister will be.

The horoscope of Madhya Pradesh of Cancer ascendant is being formed at this time, the Mahadasha Antardasha which is going on, the Mahadasha of Mercury, and the sub-period of Venus which is from 17th July 2023. The period which will remain till 2nd December 2023 means Mahadasha of Mercury, Antar dasha of Venus and Pratyantar dasha of Dev Guru Jupiter, here Mercury is in the 3rd house, and Venus is in 4th house. There is a change of zodiac signs among themselves. There is Raj Yoga. it also indicates towards change. if we pay attention to the current transit of this horoscope, then here double transit is taking place in the 10th house in which Jupiter is moving in Aries right now. There are so many other combinations.

Now if We talk about at Kamal Nath ji’s Horoscope of Pisces, then in this horoscope the Mahadasha of Mercury is going on and the end dasha will be of Venus from 6th October 2023 to 6th August 2026, which has just started, even before this when the elections were held in Madhya Pradesh, he became the Chief Minister, but in 2020, whatever disputes happened in his party between Digvijay Singh ji and Jyoti Aditya Sindhia ji, Jyoti Aditya Sindhia ji left the party and Kamal Nath ji was in the Saturn Mahadasha at that time.

There was a possibility that he even became the Chief Minister but as soon as Jupiter’s ending period came, he lost the power and now he has come in the Mahadasha of Mercury, so double transit appears favorable. and if we see the difference between Mercury Mahadasha Venus in the fortune place in the ninth house in the Navamsha horoscope and appear favorable in the Dashamsha horoscope along with this, Venus and Mercury are in conjunction with the ninth house Mars in the ninth house which is responsible for the happiness of Raj, Truth and Power.

It is also visible that he will get the pleasure of ruling power again. And now about the oath ceremony horoscope which was on 23rd March 2020 at 9 pm when suddenly Shivraj Singh Chouhan ji took over as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Had taken oath again in the form and that too at the time when Aditya Sindhia ji along with his 20 MLAs had broken away from Congress and joined BJP, then this Shabad Samaroh Kundli is not giving a good indication of Shivraj Singh Chouhan ji. we have only this horoscope for analysis which indicates that he is not seen coming to power. So this is Astrologer Prashant Kapoor’s astrological analysis.

There are 230 seats in Madhya Pradesh out of which Congress gets around 125. It is going to be a very close contest. In these elections, the margin is going to be very low as it happened last time. Congress had won and later BJP came to power. Now again if we want to see such equations then it will be known only when the elections are held and if He has predicted that the Congress party will win then it will be known only after that. whatever results will come in Madhya Pradesh on December 3, 2023, Congress is seen coming to power due to astrological combinations. As per the horoscope of Kamalnath ji there is a difference of Venus in Mercury which also gives the happiness of ruling power but this difference of Venus in Mercury is Venus Ashtamesh and good yogas are not formed in Trishansh horoscope which also gives health-related problems, indicate that there will be a serious deterioration in health, chronic diseases will also trouble.



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