Akanksha Srivastava

Akanksha Srivastava

Akanksha Srivastava is a TESOL certified English language trainer from International Language Schools of Canada. She also is a blogger, speaker, writer and has been writing for various newspapers and magazines. She had the fascination for Occult science since late teens. She believes that everything around us voices out the extraordinary inner expression of every ordinary individual. Due to deep interest in Numerology, she continued her research for years. Before turning her passion into profession, she wanted to be sure of the results of her consultation given to her family and friends. Once the vibrations of their new name kicked in, brought fortune and soaked in the success and wealth in the lives of her unofficial clients, she decided to benefit people professionally.

She is a person of wider prospects, who believes in veracity of life. Her unshaken belief in the philosophy; Even the worst thing in life happens for a good reason, keeps her motivated. With extremely positive approach she has been helping people to scrounge for wisdom in the dump of pressure through a perfect blend of numerological knowledge, wisdom and experience

Numerology is a self-tested medicine for her which she is providing to others after having tasted the benefits. For her, Numerology is a noble profession and there is nothing better to help people change their lives.

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