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Delivery Time - It will be a 25 Page report which would be provided within 2 working days by Email.

An Astrology Annual Astrological Report includes certain insights based totally on your birth chart and astrological transits for the whole year. Here's what we provide in this report.

Personalized Birth Chart Analysis: An assessment of your natal chart, which includes, Analysis of the planetary movements and how they may affect extraordinary areas of your life (profession, relationships, health, and so on.) during the 12 months.

Predictions: Forecasts for the 12 months ahead based for your unique astrological profile, such as opportunities for increase, demanding situations to be aware of, and most excellent durations for key selections.

Love and Relationships: Insights into your Love life primarily based on astrological compatibility and transits affecting your 7th House of partnerships.

Career and Finance: Predictions associated with career possibilities, financial balance, and capacity demanding situations inside the workplace.

Medical Astrology (Health and Well-being) : Astrological insights into your bodily and mental health, highlighting intervals of energy and times to be cautious.

Personal Growth: Guidance on the way to leverage your strengths and navigate demanding situations for non-public improvement and religious growth.

Follow-up Consultation: You can also consult with Astrologer Prashant Kapoor directly. For that Please book your Astrology consultation.

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