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Vaastu Shastra Consultation Services | Vaastu Shastra Consultation Online

What is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is a very ancient science that helps to know the benefits of natural science offered by five basic elements of universe that include Akash, Prihvi , Paani , vayu and Agni. Vastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environment that culminates with physical and metaphysical forces.These forces include gravitational, electromagnetic and supernatural forces. Vastu Shastra is based on sound principles which have a scientific rationale. There is lot of similarity between Vaastu and Fengshui. Fengshui also recognizes the existence of Yin and Yan (Positive and Negative energies).

History of Vaastu: Get Vaastu Shastra Consultation Online

Vaastu is derived from the root Sanskrit word ‘Vaas’ which means to reside. It deals with the living life both in accordance with desire and reality. It is the ancient science of living, in consonance with the principle of nature. In Rig Veda Vastu is referred as Vashtoshpati and means to provide, protection, happiness and prosperity. Lord Vishwakarma is regarded as the God of Vaastu Shastra. In our religious epics, Vaastu has been found to be mentioned in the Matsya Puran, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Is Vaastu Shastra Relevant To Any Religion? Get Vaastu Shastra Consultation

Absolutely Not! Religion is a way of life and is certainly relevant to the way we live. Various cosmic forces are at work in this universe and they release positive and negative energies. Vaastu helps us to counter the negative and harness the positive ones.

Vaastu Purush - Vaastu Shastra Consultation Expert

Many Vaastu rules are derived from the” Vaastu Purush Mandala” which is seen as a man with his head pointing towards northeast, in a grid of usually 64. Lord Mahadeva engaged the demon Andhak in a fierce battle for many years from the perspiration of Lord Mahadeva; it started devouring all men and animals that came in his way. People were fed up with him and prayed to Lord Brahma.He directed him to lie on the ground and the various gods’s occupied positions on the parts of his body. The spirit asked for forgiveness. Lord Brahma showed pity on him and blessed him that people will have to worship him as Vaastu Purush and construct their house, in accordance with his wishes.

Five Basic Theoretical Factors on Which Vaastu Shastra Is Based

Sun (Solar energy) - Sun has positive and negative rays depending upon the distance, and that affects mental and physical health of a person. Morning rays are considered positive rays, and afternoon rays are considered negative rays. Home should be constructed in a way that it absorbs all positive rays and proper ventilation should be there. Proper direction for construction should be chosen.Earth Magnetic Field- Blood has hemoglobin and iron is a main component of hemoglobin. Due to iron in the blood it is affected by magnetism. Correct magnetism says that your head is north and feet south. During sleep a person require minimum circulation so during sleep your head should face either north or south i.e. (it should face east or west)Wind (pawan) - Fresh air is beneficial for health. House should channelize fresh air.ventilatiuon should be properly done to ensure free and fresh air channelization.Law of Gravitation- The force pulling the center of the earth also pulls the object. Your house is also an object, and within your house there is a center of gravitation. Laying excess pressure on this point can bring negative influence.Cosmic Forces - This factor influence Vaastu Shastra and Astrology. It considerers all planetary positions and distances.Vaastu purush (energy) Mandala (astrological chart relates to the layout) dictates the site planning.This Vastu consultation would be given by 'Prashant Kapoor'

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