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Shubh Muhurat - Date/Day/Time Muhurat or perfect timing is essential to be considered for commencement of any work. Muhurat or Shubh Muhurat is the auspicious time preferred to initiate a work or important event so that no obstacles are faced in the process. Besides, inauguration of any work on right time or ‘Shubh Muhurat’ provides the best results and adds profusely to the possibilities of success. Astrologically it is that phase of time in which the positive energy of the planets and other astrological factors contemplate in such an auspicious way that all the negative effects are swayed away, leading to a most promising outcome of the work performed in this period. When a work is started in a shubh Muhurat, it multiplies the chances of success. We in AstroKapoor group provide best and most accurate Shubh Muhurat for bollywood industry related activities. Be it a beginning of shooting for a movie, Tele Series, TV shows or be it for Launching or release of Movies, shows or serials our predictions of day & time is considered as most accurate and effective. Our expert astrologers analyze based on the understanding that since the commencement of shooting or audio launching or movie launching is to be performed for the first time, hence it is considered as the birth time of the event. The future of any event, therefore, depends on its birth time and corresponding planetary affect. Thus the right timing or Shubh Muhurat is significant to initiate any such event to attain successful outcome as that time favorable cosmic powers are ensured.

As practice muhurat is mainly calculated based on the Vedic almanac, commonly called the Panchang. Muhurat is calculated on the basis of many variables, for Bollywood events the variables those are considered are mainly as follows:- • Birth chart of the main casts and crew/ directors, actors, producers etc • Planetary position for decided day • 'Nakshatra' during the period during which the event is to be initialed • Lunar day • The best common period of all these benefic is calculated to define the shubh muhurat

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