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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in Ayurveda

Liver is the most important organ of a human body. A liver is a large red colored organ, which is situated on the right hand side of the belly. Liver performs very important function of digestion as it secrets important liver juice – bile. Bile is a slightly yellowish color liquid helping in the digestion of food. The main function of liver is to filter the blood from the digestive tract before passing it into the rest of the body.

Liver also stores excess nutrient of the body and return it into the main blood stream in the emergency conditions. It also breaks saturated fatty acids into unsaturated fatty acid. Ayurvedic Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis is possible after analyzing the position of malefic stars in someone's chart and making the solutions for those

An improper function of liver can cause severe damage to the liver. Use of unhygienic food, water and some drugs causes improper production of bile that causes several diseases of liver.

Some Of The Liver Conditions Are:

  • Jaundice – Inflammation of the liver caused by dirty water, food and drugs. In this condition, the person becomes pale due to huge secretion of bile juice.
  • Hepatitis – This is caused by certain viruses such as A,B and C. It leads to inflammation of the liver and can be infectious too.
  • Liver cancer – The most live cancer appears after the cirrhosis of liver.
  • Gallstones – If gallstones stuck in the bile duct carrying bile juice, it can lead to swelling of liver.

But the most severe forms of liver damage is Cirrhosis of Liver. What are the symptoms of cirrhosis of liver? How it is caused? How cirrhosis can be cured? Let us look in brief and the remedies provided by Medical Astrologer Mr. Prashant Kapoor.

Cirrhosis of Liver - Ayurveda Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is an abnormal live condition where there is an inflammation of the liver. The main cause of Cirrhosis of liver is too much use of alcohol, fatty liver disease and hepatitis B virus. A person suffering from cirrhosis develops jaundice in the end. This disease doesn’t appear suddenly, but it is a progressive disease leading to severe damage to the live in the long run. In stops the liver function that subsequently leads to live failure.

Some Of The Main Causes Of Cirrhosis Of Liver Are:

  1. Cirrhosis occurs due to too much alcohol consumption.
  2. Cirrhosis occurs due to virus hepatitis B
  3. Cirrhosis occurs if a person is obese and suffering from diabetes. This is called NASH (Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis )
  4. Blockage of bile ducts
  5. Budd-Chiari syndrome – This is caused by thrombosis in the hepatic vein.

Symptoms of Cirrhosis

  1. Several symptoms can help to detect this liver disorder in the early stage.
  2. Fatigue
  3. Insomnia
  4. Itchy skin
  5. Loss of weight
  6. Nausea
  7. Weakness
  8. Loss of appetite
  9. Blood capillaries visible on outer skin.

Symptoms Of Severe Cirrhosis Of Liver:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Excessive dizziness
  3. Confusion
  4. Higher susceptibility to bruising
  5. Nosebleeds
  6. Pain on the right shoulder
  7. Vomiting blood
  8. Walking problems
  9. Muscle cramps
  10. Loss of libido ( sex urge)
  11. Bleeding gums
  12. Accelerated heartbeat

Astrological Reasons for Liver Cirrhosis

Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver In Medical Astrology and Ayurveda

There are several tests in medical science that can treat severe liver conditions and can help to detect the early signs of this disease. Although medical science gives a full treatment of liver disease, there are some, which needs long medication and to take prevention is better than cure. Liver Cirrhosis is something can be cured easily with fast recovery with the help of 'Medical Astrology'

Get Ayurveda Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis from AstroKapoor

In Ayurveda, various herbs can treat any liver dysfunction completely. As we all know that Ayurveda is very old science and it is now grabbed the whole world with its effective cure and healing. Ayurvedic Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis is the only cure for this disease as still there is no cure for Liver in medical science.

Our Medical Astrologer Prashant Kapoor is expertise in curing any liver disease through Ayurveda.

Astrology Yogas to find 'Liver Problem' in Horoscope
  1. If the fifth house or Jupiter is inflicted by malefic planets.
  2. Placement of Jupiter and Saturn in the fifth house.
  3. Debilitated Jupiter's placement in the tenth house.
  4. Placement of Jupiter in the fifth house in Saggitarius or pieces sign along with Rahu or Ketu.
  5. When the Mars is of the lord of the fifth house and placed or aspected by Saturn in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses.

Mr. Prashant Kapoor is practicing this since last 28 years and has cured more than 85 people suffering from liver disorders.

Healty Liver in Medical Astrology

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