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Ayurvedic Treatment of Filariasis

According to Ayurveda, Sheelapada is called elephantiasis. In Sanskrit, ‘Shlee’ means Elephant and ‘Pada’ is termed as foot. It is a disease condition where foot appears like a ‘foot of elephant’. Hence it is rationally co-related diseases i.e. elephantiasis parallels to ‘Sheelapada’ disorder. Ayurveda is a very old science that lay stress on the proper and disciplined life style.

Causes for elephantiasis as per Ayurveda:

1. Kapha predominant food and habits (kaphaja ahara vihara) 2. Heavy food intake (guru ahara) 3. Older water/stagnant water (puranodaka) 4. Cold water intake (sheetala jala pana) 5. Residing in the area where stagnant water is nearby (puranodaka bhuyishta desha) etc

Origin of Elephantiasis

The reasons explained above is said to aggravate all the three doshas, predominantly Kapha Dosha. The Dosha are present in the inguinal region of the body and then gradually move downwards the feet. Due to the lodging of Doshas in the feet and leg stony swelling occurs in the body that resembles a foot of elephant. Often the condition may result even in the nose, eyes, genitalia and lips. Elephantiasis is a type of filariasis.

Type of Sheelapada / Elephantiasis

1. Vataja Sleelapada – Here, swelling will be black, dry, associated with severe pain, scaly eruption and fever without specific reason. वातजं कृष्णरूक्षं च स्फुरितं तीव्रवेदनम् । अनिमित्तरुजं तस्य बहुशो ज्वर एव च ॥

2. Pittaja Shlipad – The swelling is yellow, burning with acute fever and soft to touch. पित्तजं पीत संकाशं दाहज्वरमुत मृदु ।

3. Kaphaja Shleepad – In this condition, the affected foot appears unctuous, pale or white in color, heavy and stable. श्लैष्मिकं स्निग्धवर्णं च श्वेतं पाण्डुं गुरु स्थिरम् ।

Ayurveda management of Elephantiasis:

The general line of treatment of Shleepada is explained as below: It means, the condition of elephantiasis should be treated by: 1) Fasting and cleansing the body system. 2) Application of anti Kapha paste on the body. 3) Sudation 4) Oral remedies – Anti Kapha 5) Warm medication

Ayurvedic Treatment of Filariasis

Ayurveda is very old science and cures the disease of its roots. There are many Ayurvedic medicines that help to remove the cause and the effect of the disease. 1) Krishadi Modaka 2) Bhoonimbadi Kadha 3) Medohara Gugglu 4) Aryogyavardhini Bati 5) Kaisora Gugglu

Along with Ayurveda, medical astrology plays a very important role in the treatment of Filaria. Medical astrology looks into the exact reasons and cause that can lead to development of disease in the body. Sometimes unfavorable planetary positions also weaken the body that can lead to the development of certain diseases. If you’re looking for a medical astrologer in India, USA and UK, then you may consult Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He is an only medical astrologer in India treated several cases of Filaria.

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