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Numerology is a science that states that every number has its vibration and draws purpose, cosmic meaning, or guidance from specific numbers or number combinations and Numerology consultation can reveal a lot about one’s life. The concept of this service is that the ‘date’ of birth is the key element for Numerological calculations and predictions.

Numerology Consultation

Numerology consultation may help one understand that birth number along with destiny number discloses a lot about one’s life and personality. Through numerology consultation, our panel of numerologists focus on numerological aspects of Intelligence, precautions, Good academic progress, Longevity, career growth, finance, relationships, health, hard work and luxury are taken into considerations while analyzing. Education and career are two chief concerns for any parent. His performance in studies, possibilities of higher education, his future scope, suitable stream for him, according to his interests, etc. are many questions which always puzzle parents. Every parent wishes to have a great future for their child which is defined by good education, good career and good employment.

Numerology Consultation In India

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers which can uncover a person’s personality, life, business, marriage etc. There is a reason that we all are born on a specific date and every date has a specific vibration. Online numerology consultation can help people in figuring out answers to a lot of questions. Why is your hard work not paying off? Are you not getting benefits according to your potential and expectations? Is coming time favorable for business? What will be the probable time of marriage? Any there any indications of success in the following year? There can be innumerable questions in mind which are seeking answers for taking important decisions in life. You can get satisfied numerology consultation in India. Numerology consultation in India is a specialised service of Astrokapoor.

What is in your Name?

 There is a lot in a name. Your name is your identity. The name of a person is very important as it can make or break one’s life. Sometimes despite all your hard work, the best birthdate and favorable Stars, the problems continue to leave you puzzled that what is holding you back? Numerology consultation also suggests whether your name is adding to a favorable number and if not then it may continue to spoil the taste of the success you want to achieve.

Name should be compatible with your date of birth (Moolank) or life path (Bhagyank) number, so that the benefits of number will be acquired. If your name adds up to your favorable number, it would guarantee the positive results of your hard work. The energy generated through its vibrations will attract luck and harmony.

Through numerology consultation, our panel of numerologists give their candid advice and guidance keeping date of birth and life path number in mind.

This Numerology Consulation would be given by ‘Akanksha Srivastava’ 

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