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Ten Years Astrological Predictions

Horoscope, Kundli or Natal Chart is a chart indicating the positions of the Sun, Moon, and other planets in relation to the earth and to the zodiac for any given moment of time. Horoscope can also be defined as an illustratration or representation of planets and their positions during the birth of a person. Positions of planets vary from person to person in a natal chart. Before casting a horoscope it is a paramount importance to know the person’s exact time of birth and place. More accurate the information given by the native more received the perfect interpretation.

Astronomical data is taken into account for correct horoscope predictions. The year, date and time of birth, and the place of birth, are all the necessary data, for the correct calculation of a horoscope, by the Indian method or the western method. If we learn to cast the horoscope in the western method, it can easily be converted to the Indian system by subtracting the Ayanamsha of the year of birth from the longitudes of the houses and planets.

Astrology is being practice since ancient time. From the positions of the planet, a future can be predicted and it denotes a birth chart or horoscope of a person. At the exact time of the birth all the planets, the Sun and the Moon occupies a specific place in a certain pattern, this can be denoted as a natal chart or birth chart. With the help of the horoscope, many things can be analysed such as behavioural traits, health of a person, career,  marriage, children, parents, happiness, all three Ps - i.e. Prosperity, Property, Peace.

The horoscope can also be used if one wants to have better understanding of the people around you. There is a basic difference in Indian Vedic, Chinese, western and Greek system of horoscope construction. It is due to the difference that predictions may slightly differs however, Vedic Astrology or Indian/Vedic methods of horoscope analysis has gained a lot of importance worldwide due to its accuracy.

Indian Horoscope / Kundli Indian Horoscope is superior to the other system of interpretations or predictions. Indian system makes unique adjustment as our earth is moving (Big Bang Theory) and tries to stuck out the accurate data for the horoscope analysis. Indian system also lays stress that zodiac is elliptic and not circular in shape. Due to this feature the zodiac of all twelve houses is not 30 degree apart but different and varies accordingly taken into consideration the time of birth.

An accurate judgment of horoscope is the most difficult and unique in itself It needs a very depth of planetary degrees and the planet inspecting one's horoscope.

12 Houses in a Horoscope The twelve houses in a horoscope define the twelve area of one’s life and the beginning of each of these houses is called as cusps. Each house has a natural ruler called as sign. Each ruler is a specific planet that has a remarkable affect on a person life.

1st House / Ruler – Aries / Planet – Mars2nd House / Ruler – Taurus/ Planet- Venus

3rd House/ Ruler – Gemini/ Planet- Mercury

4th House/ Ruler-Cancer/ Planet- Moon

5th House/ Ruler-Leo/ Planet- Sun

6th House/ Ruler- Virgo/Planet-Mercury

7th House/ Ruler- Libra / Planet- Venus

8th House/ Ruler –Scorpio/ Planet- Mars

9th House/ Ruler – Sagittarius/Planet- Jupiter

10th House/ Ruler-Capricorn / Planet- Saturn

11th House/ Ruler- Aquarius/ Planet-Saturn

12th House/ Ruler- Pisces/ Planet- Jupiter

The size of the each house can vary a great deal, 360 degrees is divided into these 12 houses. The ascendant is the rising sign and it has an intense effect on person appearance and whole aspects of life. Each of the certain sign consists of 30 degrees one-twelfth of the circle. The different sign of the houses sometimes appear same sign and this is not unusual at all, as it occur on one side of the chart then on opposite also it recycles.

We at astrokapoor.com works on manual chart making of the individual. We rely and correctly measure the planetary degrees and positions that influence a person's life.

Get your Hand made/Computerised Horoscope now from our expert and experienced astrologers.

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