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Birth Time Rectification by Vedic Astrologer - Prashant Kapoor

Birth time is the most important requirement to analyse the natal chart. It is important to have an accurate birth time. However, many people do not have exact birth time, in such case rectification of birth time is a must.  Many of astrologers give future predictions without rectifying the time and this is the main reason that most of their predictions go wrong. This report is one of the special services of Astro Kapoor which helps you to know your exact birth time. Not many people are lucky enough to have their birth time recorded accurately up to the minute; they need to rectify their birth time. Exact birth time is necessary to fix the exact degrees of the Ascendant or more commonly known as the Lagan chart and also the exact degrees of the planets during the time of birth.

Rectification method used by our expert astrologer is presented here. The Major events of one's life are taken and then matched with the horoscope made on the birth details provided by the native.

The whole horoscope is analyzed and if the events do not match then the time is adjusted to make the horoscope which matches with the events of life. To conduct Birth Time rectification, you need to know at least the date of a few major life events. We require important life events which could have brought positive or negative effects in your life as these events are a helpful tool into preparation of this report.

Importance of Birth time Rectification

Rectification or correction of birth time in a natal chart is very important because a small variation of time may lead to a significant change in the native's natal chart.  Many times even a 5 minutes difference in birth time brings a considerable change in the horoscope. It is therefore very important to calculate birth-time as accurate as possible, even covering 5 minutes time difference. Because many times 5 minutes of time is more than enough for a planet to change its position from one to another sign. It may also shift to another astrological house. This whole planetary position change, and/or astrological house change will bring considerable differences in a person’s horoscope and in turn the interpretation will change accordingly.

Birth Time Rectification Process

Normally based on a horoscope an astrologer predicts about a person’s nature, health, inclinations, priorities, career, family life, major incidents etc. However, in birth time rectification process the reverse is true. That is gathering information about the native and matching the important incidents the astrologer rectifies the birth time with as much as accuracy possible. Although it sounds very simple for the readers but in practice, it is not as easy as it appears to be. This birth time rectification calculation is possible to achieve with the best accuracy by only experienced astrologers. In our organization, AstroKapoor, the astrologer Prashant Kapoor is practicing this method since decades and is very much well-known globally for birth-time rectification.

Main Criteria for Matching the Natal Chart

In the process of the birth time rectification, our astrologers consider a few criteria to match the case, these criteria are discussed below.

  1. Nature of the person
  2. Accidents, major disease, illness
  3. Major event- such as year and month, date of place (City and Country) change
  4. Major exam pass date
  5. Marriage time (year, month and date)
  6. Divorcee
  7. Re-marriage
  8. Baby birth
  9. Miscarriage
  10. Job change
  11. New Business Start
  12. Award, special event
  13. Loss of near and dear in family etc.

In case of a young person, this becomes further challenging since matching criteria is restricted. In such case, many other factors are considered such as birth place, direction (north-south-east-west), some other characteristics such as nature traits, for example, introvert, extrovert, interest, subject inclination, education (pass, fail and award), siblings etc.

There are many other factors associated which need to be considered while doing birth time rectification these are as explained below:-

  1. In case of an important event if the person does not remember exact date, then at least year and month need to be provided. In case  of month + and - 2 months is considerable, this will not pose any substantial difference in the interpretation
  2. Many times there is repetition of same event happens in a person’s life, for example in case of marriage a person might get married twice, in such case it is important to consider the year, month and date of the first marriage. Similarly, in case of child birth the detail timings of first child need to be considered.

There are some special cases where the person suffers from serious consequences, then that incident should be considered as the main reference point to rectify the birth trimmings.  These cases could be a case of accident or illness where a major disability takes place in a person’s life, for example, there is loss of limb or paralysis etc.

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