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Delivery Time - 7 Days Annual Horoscope Report - By Vedic Astrologer Prashant Kapoor along with solutions

Vedic Astrology based Varshaphala Predictions report or Annual Horoscope Report can be used as a guide to decide upon important activities in a year.  Vedic varshaphala provides an accurate result for a particular year, it is indispensable to create a Vedic horoscope according to a standard astronomical convention and the closest scrutiny in the light of prescribed principles of predicted Vedic astrology.

The annual or progressed horoscope is generated in the same way as the birth horoscope. The time of the commencement of the anniversary, known as Varsharambha, is said to begin at the exact moment when the Sun comes to the same degree he was in at the time of birth, in other words, the individual’s New Year begins when the Sun comes back to the same point or degree he held at the time of birth.Varsha Phal will include Varshesh ‘The Lord of the year’, Varsha Dasha ‘Yearly Periods’, Munthesh ‘Muntha Define’ and Tripitaka Chakra, etc. Along with their results, it will also comprise Natal charts, periods, sub-periods and sub-sub-periods of Vishontri.

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