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Raising Finance with the help of  Corporate Astrology: To increase the revenue of a company substantially or to improve financial situation of an organization our corporate astrologers give the best solution and remedies. Vedic Astrology indicates the strength and weakness analysis of the planetary influences in the natal/birth chart of the Head /Chief Executive/the Members of the Management/Group/owner, indicating planetary weakness and/or strengths causing problems temporarily/permanently, and which are the positive and/or negative areas of the birth charts that indicate success and/or hurdles and can be analysed for the greater benefits and for raising monitory status.

Vedic astrology also makes suggestions for improvements in profession through astrological remedial measures (strengthening of benefic planets in an auspicious time & charities for malefic planets in a chart.

Astrokapoor team of astrologers are representing new age astrologer, hence they are not only expert in  aspects of Vedic astrology and related sciences, but also acquainted with all the shades of Financial Management, especially our best Astrologer Prashant Kapoor having a 10 years of vast experience in IT/software company very well versed with in and out of financial management. Hence his predictions and remedies/ advice are always in combination with a study of market condition, corporate demand etc. Hence it is assured that our service will aid in raising your finance very effectively within a short duration.

Wealth/Money horoscope deals with income, expenditure as well as savings of the zodiac nativities. Indian astrology shows two features of money; one is regular inflow and the other is savings respectively. Wealth is such an area in a human being’s life that disturbances in this area generate a lot of tension/hassle in life. Our ‘Raising Finance’ report will tell you your overall financial prospects, the good and the bad periods, the periods of expansion/gains, losses etc., along with the remedial measures.

Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘Raising Finance through Corporate Astrology’ offered by AstroKapoor group for Corporate Astrology may contact at info@astrokapoor.com

Consultation fee for this service ‘Raising Finance through Corporate Astrology’ report 3500 USD up to five hundred employees as a yearly package. Note* Additional charges will be applicable as a number of employee increases.

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