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Bollywood Numerology Report

Numerology is a very old ancient science that studies the effects of number on people lives. Numbers play a very important role in our life, we born in a particular date, time and year, which are numbers. The effect of plants on our birth chart is also governed by numbers. Basically, the mathematical calculations and the ultimate number plays a significant role in our life. All numbers, therefore, are related to certain characteristics which govern a person’s personality traits, luck, career, relationship and many more aspects.

Similarly, in Bollywood or Cinema world Numerology has a significant role to play. The moment some action or event is initiated, it is being governed by certain numbers. These numbers have great futuristic significance.

Bollywood Numerology Report or Online Consultation

In Astrokapoor Dr. Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor provides Numerological consultancy to Bollywood industry, Sports, Business tycoons to get the best result or the outcome. The date provided for initiation of any event or to take up any task is duly authenticated by numerological aspects. This is done considering various parameters such as a. Name of the Movie b. Date of birth of idea or signing agreement (if any) c. Director & Producer’s Name d. Lead casts name etc The number assigned to each of the above mentioned parameters are calculated and a final number that is deduced is interpreted to understand the futuristic aspects, i.e chances of success, monetary benefit, final earning etc.

In case any discrepancies or lacunae are noticed our experts provide the remedies to follow to overcome the obstacles if any. Remedies are recommended in various way, some are as follows:- a. Recommendation of name changing w.r.t numerology b. Colour and favourable day to take up important work c. Gemstone recommendation etc

A detail numerological report is provided covering the following aspects:- 1. Futuristic aspects covering success rate, monetary benefit, chances of box office hit, demand etc 2. Chances of obstacles (if any), the rate, effect 3. Remedial recommendation, power boosting recommendation 4. Name change suggestion (if needed) 5. Recommendation of favourable colour, date, day 6. Gemstone recommendation

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