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Movie Set / Location finalization We in Astrokapoor provide a value added services wherein we provide the consulting services to finalise shooting site or movie set. This service is provided based on the understanding that, as per the natal chart we all have specific favorable directions to get the best outcome in terms of growth & prosperity. Hence, our experts provide consulting services to the producer/director to decide outside shooting locations and the local shooting set. In some cases the sets available are fixed in such circumstances our experts mark the direction in which the entrance of the set should be created. We also provide proper favorable direction layout based on the natal charts/birth time of director, producer and additionally main casts and the birth timing of the Movie (commencement /signing date). A comprehensive calculations and analysis is done considering all the concern natal charts and the best suited directions and layout are prescribed. The features that are emphasized are direction of main entrance to the set, main cast’s & crew’s position of cabin/make-up room etc, layout of logistics, administrative office entrance etc. For outside shooting the geography and locations are recommended based on favorable directions. Working on once best suited direction it is expected to achieve the best result. We provide this consulting service as a value added service since it is a very tedious and time consuming tasks although provides the best proven result.

Consultation will be given by Prashant Kapoor

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