Free Gemstone Recommendation


Free Gemstone Recommendation:

Generally, gemstones are recommended by astrologers seeing major three combinations in chart. First, gemstone belongs to lord of ascendant called ‘Life Stone’. Second one Lucky stone belongs to ninth lord and the third one is benefic gemstone belongs to tenth lord. Only zodiac gemstones are recommended in such free consultations, which deprive the bearer wearing lots of precious and semiprecious gemstones which have their unique behavior on human body. However, our team of astrologers provide ‘Free Gemstone Recommendation’ suggesting various gemstones which are not only less in cost but have beautiful effects on human body.

Free Online Gemstone Recommendation:

This service, is a unique service by AstroKapoor also covers one specific astrological question along with Free online gemstone recommendation. Our team of Gems experts offers this service which coats different aspects of life.

Avail this service and fill this form for free gemstone recommendation advice. Since this is a free service so it would cover only selected aspects of your life like career, foreign travel, childless couples, education etc. Please provide your accurate phone number along with country code to get your free astrology consultation on phone.

Generally, recommendation is done after analysing combinations in birth chart. First, gemstone belong to lord of ascendant called ‘Life Stone’. Second one Lucky stone belongs to ninth lord and the third one is benefic gemstone belongs to tenth lord. We rely on zodiac gemstone in comparison to wearing lot of precious and semiprecious gemstones. Therefore, they provide complete effects on human body. Human body gets spiritual and cosmic rays after wearing zodiac gemstones.

Here, our team of astrologers provides ‘Free Gemstone Recommendation’ recommending various gemstones which are not even less in cost but having beautiful effects on human body.

The recommended gemstone can help you to combat ill effects of the planetary position in your birth chart. Gemstones have cosmic rays that help to maintain a balance between worldly and spiritual affairs. Different planets have different gemstones associated with them. As for example, gemstones associated are:  Yellow sapphire with Jupiter, Blue Sapphire is with Saturn, Ruby with Sun, Emerald with Mercury, Moti with Moon, Hessonite with Rahu and Cat’s eye with Ketu.

Gemstone works as a therapy, therefore, their power can’t be denied. In free gemstone recommendation, we provide appropriate gemstone as per your need.

Free gemstone recommendation on Phone
If you’re not available for face to face consultation then you can also avail our free gemstone recommendation on phone.
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