Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor | Best Gemologist in the world

Dr. (Mrs.) Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor

March 26, 2023

a renowned Gemologist of AstroKapoor Group, associated with the organizations since more than decades. Dr. Satarupa did her Ph.D in Geology from Pune University, emphasizing on mineralogy. Additionally she is a certified gemologist. She has an excellent ability to categorize Gemstones. She is one of the known gemologists in Delhi and Noida area.

Being a geologist her initial career was on scientific research field. Dr. Satarupa then further pursued her career in IT and Geospatial industry and serving these industries since more than 18 years.

Her keen interest in earth science – geology especially mineralogy led her peruse additional degree in gemology to deep dive into the study of gemstones.  She is famous for her ability to recommend gems and its noteworthy effect. She suggests gemstone based on zodiac, birth details and also as per the people’s need and requirement.

Expertise in Gemology, a Well-known Gemologist

Satarupa has done an extensive research in the field of crystallography, crystal, gems and its variety of colour and most importantly the flow of energy that exists between the gems and the bearer. She has amalgamated her profound scientific knowledge and in-depth understanding of divine science to interpret gems and its effect. Her scientific approach helped people to understand the relationship between gems, crystallographic structure, mineral system, and the flow of energy, such as, light and wave. This eventually, helps people to understand the effectiveness of gems to have a better health, wealth, career etc.

Renowned Chakra Healer, Provides Effective Colour and Gems Therapy

This further led Satarupa to do a research on our body system and how colour plays a significant role to have a healthy body and mind. Dr. Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor did an extensive study on our body ‘Chakra’ system and implemented this knowledge in recommendation of gemstone/gem. She also provides therapy based on ‘Chakra’ system of a human body which facilitates in having better health, career, wealth and peace. Gems therapy also helps in activating all 7 chakras which not only enhance health, spirituality but develops overall personality, confidence, effective communication, intellect, intelligence, intuition, memory, psychic strength and finally a strong connection with our inner soul.

Dr. Satarupa advices gems specific to birthdays & anniversaries too. Other than gemstone recommendation and gems therapy she also provides consultancy on overall purpose of gems, what should be worn, how it will be beneficial and also check the authenticity of the gemstone.  She also provides a comprehend report on suggested gemstone covering all the aspects based on person’s zodiac and birth details.

Tarot Card Expert

Dr. Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor is known for her accurate fortune telling using Tarot Card. Her ability to connect science & divine science and the flow energy in the nature makes her one amongst the expert tarot decoders/readers. She is a gifted Tarot card reader, who integrates deep psychology, psychic power, meditation and spiritual wisdom to her Tarot readings. She is the most down-to-earth tarot card reader and acts towards benefiting people, solving and providing solution to their doubt, questions, confusion and thus providing overall guidance to have a healthy and wealthy life.

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