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Medical Astrology Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Medical astrology and Ayurveda can treat multiple sclerosis. Ayurvedic treatment of Multiple sclerosis involves the use of certain Ayurvedic remedies and herbs. Multiple sclerosis is the disease of the nervous system that affects the spinal cord. It includes weaknesses, tingling and blurred vision.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis There are various symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Some of the most common symptoms that can help to diagnose this disease at an earlier stage is- 1) Thinking problems 2) Blurred vision 3) Loss of balance 4) Loss of appetite 5) Weakness in an arm and leg 6) Bladder problems – In this symptom a person may loss the control of the bladder that leads to uncontrolled urination. 7) Trouble walking – Trouble while walking and unable to hold the balance is a very vital symptom of multiple sclerosis. 8) Dizziness – Sometimes a person may feel dizziness while walking and may fall down. This is also an earlier symptom of multiple sclerosis.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by Ayurveda and Medical Astrology

Ayurveda is a very old ancient system of treatement. It involves the use of proper diet and a healthy life style for the treatment of chronic disease. The Ayurvedic treatment of multiple sclerosis involves the use of vajikarana therapy and herbal medicines that can treat the weakness of the nervous system. Ayurveda herbs are very powerful in the treatment of chronic disease. Traditional Ayurvedic theories told that Ayurvedic herbs are most affective after a person completes an internal cleansing program. Ayurveda understands the deep and the root cause of Multiple Sclerosis. According to Ayurveda, the imbalance of the nervous system is caused due to an imbalance in the vata system of the body. The buildup of toxins around the nerves causes the weakness of affected nerves. The plaque disrupts the nerves and the tissues surrounding the nervous system. Physical and mental stress is also one of the main reasons for causing Multiple sclerosis.

Sometimes if a person is healthy and still suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, the planetary combinations should be studied in detail. If there is a presence of malefic planets in the benefic house then a person may suffer from a chronic disease. Nine planets from head to toes rule our body, can cause disease related to various parts of the body. The treatment of chronic disease can be very well done by an expert consultation of a medical astrologer. Complete analysis of the horoscope can help to curb the malefic effects of planets by proper gems recommendations and remedies. If you are looking for medical astrologer in India, USA and UK, then you may contact Mr. Prashant Kapoor. He is an only medical astrologer in India and has treated several cases of Multiple Sclerosis.

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