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What is Prashna Kundli?

Prashna Kundali or Horary chart is one of the very important part of astrology. Prashna means when astrologers form a series of questions based on the horoscope, prepared using the date and time provided by the native who approaches for astrological guidance. Generally, the Prashna is made when the person does not have a birth horoscope. It is very important that whenever an individual approaches for the first time, the time and date are noted. The place would be the location of the caller. In case of telephonic, an astrologer will note the time of call along with date and location. However, in postal and email, a person must mention the time of writing, date and place.[bg_collapse view="button-orange" color="#4a4949" expand_text="Read More" collapse_text="Show Less" ]

Additionally, Vedic astrologer checks the nostril before making any predictions. During the analyses of chart if right nostril runs smoothly for both the astrologer and the caller then Prashna gives a positive result. Other way Prashna goes negative if right nostril appears to be blocked or does not blow air smoothly, tightness is felt by both astrologer and caller. In third combination where one has the right nostril runs smooth and the other one has a partial or complete block right nostril, in that case, importance is given to the degree of calculations of stars.

The study of Prashna is very useful while prescribing the astrological remedial measures for cases such as:

-Complete current and future analysis of one’s life -Return time of missing person -Time of recovery of patients -Recovery of stolen or misplaced items -Predict the success of new ventures etc.

Input required for providing this service:

Birth details (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place) of both the couples required and preferred consultation time.

Delivery Time – 20 Days Prashna Kundli Analysis – By Astro Consultant Vedic Astrologer Prashant Kapoor Prashna Kundli Solutions – Will be mailed separately

When to avail Prashna Kundali Astrological Services?

Everybody is not lucky to having a natal chart or kundli prepared just after their birth by their parents and keeping it and referring it for their child’s benefit. In fact, many a time people do not know their birth time, place and even exact date and year. It could be because of many reasons, one of the reason could be due to change of place, misplacement of all documents or lost case, or sometimes people are unfortunate to lose their parents in childhood. Reason could be any, but due to these, they find difficult in availing astrological consultancy.

We at Astrokapoor has an excellent and very accurate solution and this helps in generating Kundli or Natal chart for the people who are unknown to their birth time, date & year and place etc. This Prashna Kundli solution is applicable and recommended to those people who do not have information on all or any points mentioned above. This Prashna Kundli is based on real time calculation and gives 95 to 99% correct result/predictions.

The Prashna Kundali is also well-known as the Horary Astrology.  It is not created based on Horoscope / Kundli but rather based on the question asked by the service. In simple language, Prashna Kundli is the Kundli of the question itself and based on that question the entire Kundli of the person is calculated.

How Prashna Kundli is calculated?

Generally when a personal approach to an astrologer either through booking an appointment online or by calling to our customer care team and asking for preferable time and mode such as physical visit, telephonic, skype, video call etc., they provide a few details such as name, contact number, birth details etc. In case the person mentions that the birth details are not known or any of the birth details is missing, the time he has filled the form or spoke to the customer care is noted as the reference time. Based on that time, a detail Kundli/Natal chart is prepared for the respective person. It is to be mentioned, a few more additional kundlis are also prepared for the same person with addition or subtraction of few minutes or hour if any noticeable transit is seen in an around that particular time. During the astrological consultancy based on these charts ‘Prashna’ or questions are asked by our renowned Prashna Kundli expert Prashant Kapoor to the client. Based on the Prashna and answers distinct event matching, personality matching, nature of the person, major achievements etc are tallied. Many other factors which are considered through Prashna Kundli are person’s career, property & assert, parents & siblings, spouse, friends & enemies, luck and support are tallied with the Prashna Kundli and that in reality with respect to the person availing the service. The most near matching chart is thus used as the main reference chart and further detail study is done, accordingly ‘prashna’ and ‘uttar’ (question & answer) session is continued to reach the maximum accurate level. Every small detail is asked and answers are noted, be it a childhood disease, allergy, fear, strength, weakness etc.

Special Case of Prashna Kundli

Many times we need or look for instant result or recommendation, we strongly feel if there is a way to know what is going to happen to some particular case. If the task is done will be successful? will it be accomplished? etc. To explain further for example, suppose a person has appeared for IAS exam, the result of which is expected and he has got a very good job offer from a multi-national company. But the problem is he is unable to take the decision unless he gets the result of IAS but company will not wait till the result is announced. In such case, it would be much easier for the person to take decision if he or she gets to know the likely outcome of the exam. In such cased Prashna kundli works wonder. Based on Prashna or question asked Prashna Kundli will be created for this particular question asked. In this case kundli of the question – ‘exam fail/pas’ will be created. Although, from normal kundli/horoscope too astrologer can find it out but it will be time taking process.

Most importantly, Prashna kundli is very useful for the people who are keen to know if in a match, team A will win or team B and they want to know it right then. Even Prashna Kundli is very useful and famous in the Share Market / Stock Exchange, for bankers etc. It is considered special since instant result of stock market, match fixing many more such events can be analysed through Prashna Kundli only. Horoscope in such case does not help. The calculation is done based on question asked and a special Prashna/Prashan Kundli is created for that particular question to get an immediate answer.

Significance of Prashna Kundli / Horary Astrology

Prashna Kundli is a unique form of astrology. Its significance lies in its creation. In Prashna Kundali, a person does not need to know all details related to his birth or birth time, in particular. Hence, Prashna Kundli is prepared error free, that is no birth time rectification is required or no confusion or question arises on ascendant. Prashna Kundli very smoothly helps in deciding Lagna. in addition, Prashna Kundali can be created every year afresh based on person’s new question. Also, based on a single question a person’s kundli, for entire life can be created. The choice lies with the person availing this Prashna Kundli Astrological consultancy. Moreover, because of definite Lagna Time, the effect of Prashna Kundali is found to be very accurate.

Note: Please mention the current day, time, city name, country and if you can mention the exact address so that we could choose the exact Latitude and Longitude before making predictions
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