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What is Mahamritunjaya Tula Daan

Tula Daan was started by the great sage Narada. The word Daan denotes a sacred donation by an individual for removing problems and to get benefit. It is also called as sacred donation or alms. Tula Daan is a special ethical astral remedy performed by highly qualified professionals. Vedic Tula Daan remedy can be performed when an individual suffers from certain incurable diseases.

Principles of Mahamritunjaya Tula Daan:

Tula Daan “Pooja” is can be done only by the specialized people who have vast techniques from their ancestors. They follow proper Indian traditional rules. The Tula Daan for puja begins with an “ANUSHTHAN”. It lasts for at least one hour. This continues with the main part for the person for whom pooja has to be performed. The concerned person is made to sit on one side of “MANUAL BALANCE”, and on the other side of the balance, material is kept, according to the ill effects of the stars. Until and unless, the balance equals each other, the flow of material shouldn’t be stopped. The materials used in balancing the BALANCE are listed by an astrologer according to the horoscope. The materials include wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, jaggery etc. Clothes, wool, metals like bronze and copper iron are also used as material in Tula Daan.

Astrokapoor has the specialists who perform Mahamritunjaya Tula Daan. Our procedure for Tula Daan is famous worldwide. We have experience of more than 35 years in this specialized remedy. Our experts are also called from other parts of the world for performing Tula Daan Vidhi. Tula Daan is extremely helpful to propitiate auspicious or anukool planet and to mitigate any ill placed or inauspicious planet (Unfavorable) planetary influences. Each planet has its own cosmic color, so in Tula Daan, we also use gems by donating them in a specified manner to enhance certain planets. In Tula Daan, only needy and poor people should be donated. Donations can be also made in all cow’s stable temples, all religious places, any orphanages, hospitals and teachers. Daan can also be given to Karam kandi, appropriate Brahmins ( Supatra) and religious people.


Donation to propitiate the Planet Sun – Donations should be given on Sunday. Materials used – Ruby gemstone, coral, wheat, ghee, red cloth, sandalwood, and saffron flowers. Donation to propitiate the planets moon – Donations should be given on Monday. Materials – Camphor, flowers, conch, rice curd and white cloth. Donation to propitiate the planet Mars – Donated on Tuesday – Materials – sandal wood, saffron, jaggery, copper, lentil ghee and red cloth. Donation to propitiate the planet mercury – Day of Donation – Wednesday – Material used – Camphor, Dakshina, green clothes, lentil, sugar, flowers, ghee, fruits and Emerald. Donation to propitiate the planet Jupiter – Day of donation – Thursday – materials used – Gold, Topaz, yellow cloth, chana ( grams), turmeric, jaggery, ghee, flowers and fruits. Donation to propitiate the planets Venus – Day of donation – Friday – Materials used – Sugar candy, milk, curd, sandalwood flowers, gold and diamond. Donation to propitiate the planet Saturn – Day of donation – Saturday – Materials used – Balck cloth, horse bean, music, flowers, sapphire, flowers and Dakshina. Donation to propitiate the Planet Rahu – Materails used – Gold, mustard oil, sesame oil, blue cloth, blanket, lead, flowers, Agate and Dakshina. Donation to propitiate planet Ketu – Materials used – Knife, seven types of cereals, coconut oil, and bluish grey cloth.


Donations for God should be only done in the early morning. If there is any doshas in the horoscope, then human donations should be offered in the mid-day/afternoon time. Donations at the night are offered for deceased ancestors. For the spirits, donations are offered in the evening hours. Tula Daana and other Daan can be performed on the following Tithis (dates), Magh Shukla, Chaitra Krishna Panchami , Chaitra Shukla Panchami Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya Kartik Shukla Saptami, Margshish Shukla Navami, Magh Shukla Trayodashi, Phalgun Krishna Tritiya, Kartik Shukla Dwadashi and Poornima, Paush Shukla Ekadashi, Mayh Shukla Tritiya and Saptami, Phalguna Amavasya in Poornima, Shukla Poornima in Jyestha, Vaishakh month, Dasham or Poornima day in Aashad month, Krishna Ashtami in Shravana month.

During solar and lunar eclipse one should perform donation. If Solar eclipse falls on a Sunday and Lunar eclipse falls on Monday, then there is a Chudamani Yoga. If donation is done on these days then there are limitless benefits. If one donates on Amavasya, Poornima, Sankranti, Vyatipat, Vaidhriti Yoga, it gives immense benefit to the donator.

Out team of Pandita's is well trained under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor[kad_youtube url="https://youtu.be/C7mNgxDRr4U" ]

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