Depression Treatment in Medical Astrology



Ayurvedic Treatment of Depression

Depression is a grave symptom that world is facing today. Out of 10 people, 9 people are suffering from depression. There are many cause of depression and in the end, it hampers the day-to-day activity of human life. In medical terminology, it is defined as a serious mood disorder. Depression makes a person lethargic and slow which makes severe loss of memory, less sleep, dementia and amnesia. If not checked at an early stage then it can make a person completely disable.
Ayurvedic treatment can treat depression making a person sound and happier. Ayurveda is an ancient old science that is concerned with the healthy and disciplined way of life. Various herbs used in Ayurveda can help to cure disease completely.
Anti-depressant and sleeping pills that are used in depression can also aggravate the condition more because we have listened that sometimes a patient of depression commits suicide even after on medication. Therefore, it is necessary that before going for the treatment the cause and reasons of depressions considered.
In medical astrology, there are various causes interpreted for the person suffering from depression. An astrological combination of planets in a horoscope is considered during analysis of health horoscope.

There are various signs and symptoms of depression:

a) Irritability
b) Consistent mood disorder
c) Moving or talking slowly
d) Feeling restlessness
e) Loss of hope
f) Appetite or weight changes
g) Thought of death or suicide
h) Persistent sad or anxious
i) Aches or pain or headaches
j) Loss of interest in sex

Treatment of Depression in Medical Astrology

Astrologically various permutations and combinations are seen for the analysis of depression
1) If moon is ill placed in the horoscope i.e. 6th, 8th, or 12th
2) If Moon is in conjunction with the malefic planets
3) If Moon is posited with the Sun in a horoscope
4) If malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu is with Moon along with the Saturn
5) If 4th House is imperfect i.e. it is with no power and under the influence of malefic planets.
These some of the symptoms described above can cause depression in the person. There are certain remedies and gems recommendation that can help to cure depression permanently. If you are looking for a Medical astrologer in India, USA and U.K then you can contact Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He has solved more than 3500 mental cases until now by astrological combinations findings and recommendation of various gems and color therapy.

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