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Ayurvedic Treatment of Obesity

Obesity is a disease that involves an excessive amount of body fat which looks irrelevant.  Obesity isn’t just a cosmetic concern but it is a medical problem that can increases the risk of other diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Varied reasons of obesity have been found, but it usually results from the combination of inherited factors such as environment and personal diet and exercise choices. Ayurvedic treatment of obesity involves the use of various herbs to cure the reason for this symptom.

Symptoms of Obesity

Obesity is diagnosed when our body mass index (BMI) is 30 or higher. To determine the body mass index, we have to divide weight in pounds by our height in inches squared and multiply it by 703 BMI.

Given below is an example that shows the weight status according to the body mass index.

                Weight status

Below 18.5                      Underweight

18.5-24.9                           Normal

25.0-29.9                           Overweight

30.0 and higher                 Obesity

Several people in the world have a reasonable estimate of body fat. However, BMI doesn’t directly measure the body fat, so some people, such as athletes, may have a BMI in the obesity category even though they don’t have excess body fat.


There are several genetic factors involves in obesity such as behavioral, metabolic and hormonal influences when there is a concern for more calories that we burn.

Risk factors

Obesity usually results from a combination of causes and contributing factors:

Family inheritance and influences

Genes that we inherit from our parents may affect the amount of body fat that we store, and where that fat is distributed. Genetics may also play a very important role in how effectively our body converts food into energy, and how our body regulates our appetite and how our body burns calories during exercise.

Lifestyle choices

Unhealthy diet – Diet rich in calories and lacking fruits and vegetables, full of fast food and laden with high-calorie diet.

Liquid calories –  People drink many calories especially from alcohol, sugar beverages and soft drinks.

Inactivity – Sedentary lifestyle also leads to increase in weight.

Certain diseases and medications

Some people suffer from obesity because of their previous medical record, such as pader-Willi syndrome and other conditions. Arthritis can also lead to decreased activity which may result in weight gain. Socio and economic factors also leads to weight gain due to inactivity. Avoiding obesity is difficult if we don’t have safe areas to walk or exercise.


There is no age for obesity, it can occur even in young children. But as of our age, hormonal changes and a less active lifestyle can increase the risk of obesity. In addition to this, the amount of muscles and the muscular activity also reduces the weight and the mass. Generally, lower muscle mass leads to a decreases in metabolism.

Quality of life

Obesity can decrease the quality of life and one may not be able to do things as such. He or she may avoid the public places and people with obesity may even encounter discrimination.

Other weight-related issues that may affect your quality of life include:


Social isolation

Shame and Guilt

Lower work achievement

Sexual problem


Whether you are at risk of obesity or not, you should try to protect yourself from overweight. Exercise regularly and you need to get 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week to prevent weight gain. Moderately intense physical activities include fast walking and swimming.

Follow a healthy-eating plan. Focus on low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid saturated fat and limit sweets and alcohol. Eat three regular meals a day with limited snacking. Try to avoid saturated fat and limit the use of sweets and alcohol. Eat three regular meals a day with limited snacks.

Monitor your weight regularly and people who are overweight should weight their weight at least once a week. You can plan ahead and handle situations strategically.

Ayurvedic Routine For Weight Loss / Ayurvedic Treatment of Obesity

8 days remarkable routine for weight loss

  • On 1st day – Only water
  • On 2nd day – Electral, Kheera ( cucmber ) Gourd juce ( lauki juice ) and some light vegetables. Tea with 2 cup of water, daalchini, adrak and tulsi. This is a very remarkable tea and it removes the Type – II diabetes.
  • On 3rd day – Hot water, little warm. One glass of apple juice or if you’re feeling hungry you can take 2 glass of apple juice. 2 full glass of ajwain water ( little warm ). This will help to combat the high concentration of uric acid
  • On 4th day – Kheera and Bitter gourd juice in the morning. One boiled apple. A small cup of rice with no protein vegetables such as lauki, palak ka saag, kaddu, parwal, sita phal, Shimla mirch, beetroot etc. Please note, you can prepare any one of these vegetables with little ghee and avoid using iodised salt for cooking. Use sendha namak
  • On 5th day – lauki juice and some rice, dal and light vegetables with curd
  • On 6th day – Aloe vera juice in the morning. Lunch with 2 chaptis
  • On 7th day – Some fruits in the morning. Lunch with 2 chapatis and chilke waali moong ki daal ( lentil )
  • On 8th day – 4 cups of papaya juice, one bowl of mixed vegetables mentioned above and dinner with khihdi prepared with 1 cup of rice and 4 cup of yellow lentil

If you have more query you can get complete ayurvedic and astrological solutions.

How We Cure Obesity with the help of Medical Astrology and Ayurveda?
We AstroKapoor have the Ayurvedic remedies/treatments for obesity. This treatment increases the fat metabolism and weight can reduce even 200kg to 70kg within the duration of eight-month time with no side effect. The concept behind this natural treatment is to revive all the body organs completely.

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