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What is Gemstone?

Gemstones are associated with nine planets in the solar system. Since ancient era of civilization, gemstones are believed to have mystic power. The various cultures such as Vedic, Egypt, Maya has used gemstones for healing and for the growth of the mystical power. Buy Gemstones online at Wholesale Prices

How Gemstones Work?

Gemstone carries unique mystical power and metaphysical properties. It helps to impart passive and good vibes to the person. There are nine gemstones also called as Navratan according to the Vedic and Western astrology. These are associated with nine planets such as Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Buy Gemstones Online – They Help in Boost the Spritual Power

These stones are associated with various planets such as Monga for Mars, Panna for Mercury, Neelam for Saturn, Diamond for Venus, Ruby for Sun, Gomedh for Rahu and Cat’s eye for Ketu. These gemstones fall under the category for precious gemstones. They help to boost the spiritual power of the body by keeping people happy and healthy. These are pretty stones and can be polished whenever in need. These gems are carved, shaped, cut and polished according to the choice of the person.

Buy Certified Gemstones Online – Work with Electrochemical and Pranic Energies

Gems work with both kind of energy- physiochemical i.e. electrochemical and pranic and represent the vital energy and force. In Puranas, there are wonderful stories which describe the excellent benefic effect of these beautiful gemstones. The Puranas furnishes wonderful stories describing the excellent benefic of these beautiful gemstones. The gems have such chemical nature that it brings one to close proximity to the humans. Their contact with the human body creates electromagnetic around the body.

Sometimes, wearing gemstones can also bring negative tendencies in them life, so it is advised to the clients to consult an expert astrologer before wearing the gemstones. We at AstroKapoor have expert Astrologer Parshant Kapoor. You can connect him and take appropriate guidance regarding the same.

It is known that if there are adverse planets in your birth chart, then Astro Vedic Gemstones are used to ward off the evil effects of the particular planets and grahas. These gemstones are also used in meditation for spiritual attainment.

Buy Original Gemstones Online – Best for Healing and Adding Cosmic Color to Aura

Gemstones are also used for healing and add cosmic colour to one’s own aura. When a person is born on the earth, then constellations, signs and as well as the planets give some negative and positive effect on that person because they attract different energy centers of the body. This forms an aura around the person, and it stays with him rest of the life. This aura keeps on changing and causes positive and sometimes negative effect on a person’s life. Get your ‘Gemstone Recommendation’ 

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Associated Sub Categories

Boji Stone

Boji Stone Boji stone is the name given to the concretion stone. These are highly effective in healing the grounding energy of the body. Boji stones are also called as shaman stones. The colour of the boji stone is brown with little spots on the surface of the stones. Large boji stones can be helpful […]


Danburite crystals are white in colour and have a sweet and pure vibration. Danburite stone is a calcium boron silicate mineral having a mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5 in scale. It has orthorhombic crystal form and is usually found colourless. The name danburite gemstone has been named after the place in which it was […]

Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz comes under the variety of quartz or “rock crystal”. The included crystal is due to some variation in the composition making the boundary of the included crystal. This is a majestic and mysterious variation of clear quartz, which can be kept under the big-time energy cleanser. Phantom quartz has got its powerful healing […]


Chiastolite is a variety of Andalusite and it is found in medium to dark brown in color and sometimes often with green cross-shaped inclusions. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘chiastos’, meaning cruciform, cross marked, or crosswise. Chiastolite is also known as Cross stone. Chiastolite is found in the Hunan Province in China, […]


Idocrase Idocrase or Vesuvianite is found in a number of areas in the world. Its formation takes place in combination of  skarn (silicate gangue or waste rock) and limestone deposits through the process of metamorphism. According to the science of Astrology this stone is said  to be connected to the heart chakra. The purpose of […]


The gemstone Andalusite has very distinctive and attractive multicolor gems. This gem has three different colors depending on its angel and the gem’s cut. Sometimes, Andalusites can even depict multiple colors. The stone has got its name from the Spanish province of Andalusia, where it was first discovered. Andalusite converts into a most useful stone […]


Petalite is a different mineral that comes in gorgeous pastel colors. The colorless or white ones are often used as a gemstone. The name of Petalite originated from a Greek word which means “ a leaf”.  It is also a lithium aluminium tectosilicate, which is a mineral and when combined with lepidolite and quartz, it […]

Ruby-Manik Bangkok

Certified Bangkok Ruby-Manik Gemstone Bangkok Ruby-Manik gemstone is an excellent natural occurring blood red colored gemstone. This red color is due to the presence of element chromium. Its name has been derived from the word ruber, Latin word for red. It is considered one of the four precious gemstones along with Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire. […]


Atacamite is a copper halide deposit: a copper(II) chloride hydroxide with formula Cu2Cl(OH)3. It was first found in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 1801. Atacamite forms in dry climates where copper minerals are unveiled to oxidation. The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places in the whole world. Atacamite has a deep green […]


Thulit is a naturally pink appearance of Zoisite, also famous as Rosaline. No two thulite stones are exactly similar, and each piece’s natural color grades ranging from pastel pink to vibrant fuchsia. The positive vigour that the thulite has, actually links to the heart and third eye simultaneously. This just means that you will have a […]


Chrysanthemum stone, sometimes called “flower stone,” is a stone “flower” produced millions of years ago due to geological movement and natural formation in the rock. The stone’s pattern resembles the chrysanthemum  flower. The flower is milky white and the grain is clear. The vibration of this stone may help you to move forward, and enable […]


Eudialyte, a unique stone whose name has  derived from the Greek phrase which means “well decomposable”.It is commonly  found within the rough grained rocks and carry minerals like  calcium, cerium, iron, sodium, zirconium, manganese and yttrium. As a water and earth component, Eudialyte’s vivacity assists to balance one’s  emotions with external experiences. Eudialyte produces life […]


Celestobarite is one of the most beautiful and fascinating yet not known by many people. It is a highly productive stone that can rejuvenate the body physically and spiritually. Celestobarite is known to be a magical harbinger that makes it easier for you to understand and get the actual vision of things. It is also […]

Moss Agate

The term “Agate” is usually used for stones with a stripy design. Moss Agate typically upgrades the insight of all senses, as well as the brain cell’s  activity. It has stable enduring force and grounding preparedness that  incorporates spiritual properties that are familiar to help in achieving prosperity and revitalize creativity. The high force of […]

Shattuckite Azurite

Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide alloy that forms in masses, fibres, and aciculated crystalline. Its name came after the famous mine in Arizona –  Shattuck Mine. This stone is often available  in mixture  with a variety of other ores.. This stone assists you to harmonize yourself with the mystical power, and also helps you […]


Kunzite stone got its name after a famous gemologist George Frederick Kunz. This particular stone has a beautiful pink color and it  is becoming increasingly famous in the  market of gemstone. Kunzite is a fascinating stone, filtered in energy and cheerful in nature. The palest pink which has a light violet tone, it is a […]

Violet Sapphire

Violet Sapphires are, in fact, entirely exceptional and far more scarce than other commonly found blue sapphires. Unlike other color sapphire stones which need to be broiled in order to get their best color exhibit, natural purple sapphires hardly  require the process of broiling. Violet Sapphire brings the enlightenment of spiritual awakening. Its gentle vigour […]

Buy Ruby Burmese Gemstone Online

Buy Ruby Gemstone / Burmese Ruby Gemstone Online / Manik Gemstone Ruby gemstone is a red color gemstone due to the presence of corundum in it.  Burmese Ruby also found in light pink to reddish pink in color. Old Burmese Ruby is a brightly colored stone which is a variety of mineral corundum. Burmese Ruby is one […]

Ruby Manik New Burmees

Certified New Burmese Ruby-Manik Gemstone New Burmese Ruby-Manik gemstone is an excellent natural occurring blood-red coloured gemstone. This red color is due to the presence of element chromium. Its name has been derived from the word ruber, Latin word for red. It is considered one of the four precious gemstones along with Emerald, Diamond, and […]

Mozambique Ruby

Certified African Mozambique Ruby Manik Gemstone African Ruby-Manik gemstone is an excellent natural occurring blood red colored gemstone. This red color is due to the presence of element chromium. Its name has been derived from the word ruber, Latin word for red. It is considered one of the four precious gemstones along with Emerald, Diamond, […]

Ruby Johnson African

Ruby Johnson African Mine Ruby Johnson African Mine is a red color gemstone. Ruby Johnson mine is a variety of pink to red color corundum. Ruby is one of the most highly colored precious gemstones. It is prized for centuries because of its excellent hardness on the Moh’s scale. In the ancient Indian language, Ruby […]

Ruby Guinea Africa

Certified Ruby Guinea Africa Ruby Guinea Africa is a red colored gemstone also known as Manik in Hindi. Ruby Guinea Africa is one of the highest and most precious gemstone. In the ancient Sanskrit language, ruby is called as “ratnaraj”. Ruby is composed of mineral corundum. In its pure form, corundum is a colorless mineral. […]

Ruby-Manik Madagascar

Ruby Madagascar Gemstone Ruby Madagascar is a highly precious gemstone. Madagascar Ruby is relatively new in the market and new in the gem market. The impressive red color of this stone and distinct cut and shape of Madagascar rubies fascinate every gem lover. Madagascar Ruby quality is fine with a bright streak of red color […]


Certified Cultured Pearl/Moti Gemstone Chinese Pearl Moti gem is a hard object which is produced within the soft tissue of an invertebrate mollusk. It is composed of calcium carbonate which is present in minute crystalline form in concentric layers. This is the mixture of calcium and oxygen. Pearl which is excellent is round and smooth […]

South Sea Pearl

Certified South Sea Pearl Golden Pearl South Sea Pearl in Hindi South Sea Moti gemstone is a hard object which is produced within the soft tissue of an invertebrate mollusk. It is composed of calcium carbonate which is present in minute crystalline form in concentric layers. This is a mixture of calcium and oxygen. Pearl […]

Bangkok Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a variety of Corundum. Blue sapphire is a compound of Aluminum and Oxygen. Due to the presence of trace amount of cobalt in it, it appears blue in color. Bangkok Blue Sapphire/Neelam is one of the most beautiful gemstones which you will come across. Bangkok Blue Sapphire is light to dark blue […]

Venezuela pearl

Certified Venezuela Pearl-Moti Gemstone Venezuela Pearl Gemstone is a hard object which is produced within the soft tissue of an invertebrate mollusk. It is composed of calcium carbonate which is present in minute crystalline form in concentric layers. This is the mixture of calcium and oxygen. Pearl which is excellent is round and smooth in […]

Natural Basra Pearl ( Basra Ka Moti )

Basra Pearl Basra Pearl is a hard object which is produced within the soft tissue of an invertebrate mollusk. Basra Pearl is composed of calcium carbonate which is present in minute crystalline form in concentric layers. This is a mixture of calcium and oxygen. Basra ka Moti  is excellent round and smooth in texture. Natural […]

Red Coral-Moonga Japanese

Certified Japanese Red Coral-Japanese Lal Moonga Gemstone Japanese Red Coral/ Lal Moonga gemstone is a common name that exists for corallium rubrum and several related species of coral. The original Corallium rubrum is mainly found in Mediterranean Sea, and it grows at a depth of 10 to 300 meters below sea level. Red Coral grows […]

Red Coral-Moonga Italian

Certified Italian Red Coral/Lal Moonga Gemstone Italian Red Coral-Lal Moonga gemstone is a common name that exists for corallium rubrum and several related species of coral. The original Corallium rubrum is mainly found in Mediterranean Sea, and it grows at a depth of 10 to 300 meters below sea level. Red Coral grows in dark […]

White Coral-Safed Moonga

Certified Italian and Japanese White Coral Safed Moonga Gemstone White Coral/Safed Moonga is a gemstone of Mars. A coral is found in the sediments of calcium carbonate exoskeleton growth of marine polyps in the ocean. It takes generation after generation to form the coral sediments. A Coral is the head of the colony of the […]


Certified Columbian and Zambian Emerald Panna Gemstone Emerald/Panna is one of the most precious of all gemstones. It is composed of mineral Beryl, colored green by little amount of chromium and sometimes vanadium. It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the ten points found on Mohs-scale of mineral hardness. The crystal habit is […]

Buy Original Diamond/Heera Online

Buy Certified Diamond – Buy Heera Gemstone Online Diamond/Heera is chemically composed of carbon, where carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice. It is the hardest substance known to date. Though it is the hardest substance, it can still be changed into a brittle substance by a […]

Green Sapphire Ceylon

Certified Green Sapphire Ceylon Gemstone Green Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone. It is a very uncommon variety of green corundum. Due to its high iron content, green sapphire appears bright green in color. Sometimes, it is greenish yellow and yellowish green in color. The surface of green sapphire is usually fine and lustrous. These […]

Green Sapphire African

Green Sapphire African The Gem The green tinge comes from the existence of iron  in the gem stone. Because of the existence  of the iron, the green or blue-green sapphire stone has an excessive thickness than most of the  other sapphires thus giving the stone an appearance of  green. Sapphire gemstone is  the second most […]

Yellow Sapphire African

African sapphire (Peela Pukhraaj) is Jupiter gemstone. It is one of the most auspicious gemstones for enhancing the positive effect of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and yellow growth, if well posited in the horoscope it gives very good effect to the wearer. African Yellow Sapphire is found in Africa and its associated […]

White Sapphire-Safed Pukhraj Ceylon

Certified White Sapphire Gemstones-Safed Pukhraj Pushkaraj Ceylon Gemstone Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Gemstone is astrologically associated with planet Venus, which is associated with love, beauty and financial gains in one’s life. Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone. Each color of Sapphire exhibits its own properties. It is hard at its surface, sparkling in appearance, […]

Purple Sapphire Ceylon

Certified Purple Sapphire Ceylonese Gemstone Purple Sapphire is a precious gemstone, which belongs to the variety of mineral corundum. Gem quality corundum mineral is extremely rare to find, so sapphire is the most expensive gemstone till now. It has a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale. Purple Sapphire is transparent to opaque in the […]

Pitambari Neelam Sapphire Ceylon

Pitambri Neelam Pitambri Neelam (Sapphire) is a precious gemstone. It represents Shani Graha (Saturn) and Jupiter. Shani (Saturn) is the planet of judgment and past life repentance and Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. Pitambri Neelam is a gemstone which has both yellow and blue color. But the ratio of the two colors […]

Green Sapphire Bangkok-Thailand

Green Sapphire is one of the most alluring and beautiful in the variety of Sapphires. Green Sapphire Bangkok is a variety of green corundum. Sapphire is found to be exceptional for calming and focusing the mind. Bangkok Green Sapphire is greenish yellow or yellowish green in color. This exhibits the fine characteristics of pleochrisim, which […]

Padparadscha-Orange Sapphire Ceylon

Padparadscha Orange Sapphire Padparadscha is a variety of sapphire which is very distinguished for its rare colour and its shades. With respect to mineral composition Padparadscha orange sapphire too is a form of aluminium-oxide similar to other varieties of sapphire. However, the variation of its colour is due to additional trace elements of chromium and […]

Padparadscha -Orange Sapphire African

Orange Sapphire African is a light orange colored gemstone belonging to the mineral kingdom Corundum. Sapphire is a gemstone belongs to the variety of mineral corundum. It is typically associated with different colors. Sapphires are most valuable having a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale second only to diamond. Padparadscha Orange Sapphire African is […]

Padparadscha-Orange Sapphire Bankok

Padpardscha Orange Sapphire is a rare variety of Sapphire. It is distinguished from the Sapphires due to its rare shade and color. The word “Padparadscha” is derived from the Singhalese word for aquatic lotus blossom. Padparadscha Orange Sapphire may be very little known to the common man, but they are admired by the gems lover. […]

Blue Sapphire-Neelum Ceylon

Certified Blue Sapphire Neelam Raktamukhi Gemstone Ceylon Blue sapphire/Neelam is an extremely powerful stone. Blue sapphire is a mixture aluminum, but little amount of corundum is also present that imparts a blue color to this precious gemstone. The color of fine Blue sapphire is vivid dark violet to purplish blue. The lighter shades create a […]

Cats eye-Lehsunia

Certified Cat’s Eye-Lehsunia Cat’s eye/Lehsunia is a gemstone which has a resemblance with Cat’s eye. This stone has a striking white ray, passing through the center that gives a resemblance to a cat’s eye. It is the largest encountered gemstone found in natural form. It is a hard, translucent gem ranging in color from a […]

Color Change Sapphire Ceylon

Certified Color Change Sapphire Gemstone Ceylon Color change Sapphire is an exceptionally high quality precious gemstone. Color change sapphire is a rare variety of corundum. This stone exhibit remarkable capacity of color changing capacity. Although Blue is the most common color, color change sapphire occurs in a range of other color also. It includes pink, […]

Blue Sapphire Neelam African

Blue Sapphire Neelam African The gem Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone is an extremely expensive , blue shade stone of the Corundum ore group. It is acknowledged as the most effective and speedy acting gemstone in vedic science of astrology, it brings quick prosperity, popularity and success in the user’s life.  If a person  who […]

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye -Kanak kheth Lehsuniua

Certified Chrysoberyl Kanak khet Lehsuniua Chrysoberyl gemstone is a mineral of aluminum beryllium. It is yellowish-green, transparent or translucent in appearance. It forms as a result of pegmatite process within the earth’s crust. Chrysoberyl also grows in the country rocks near to pegmatite. It is a hard dense mineral resistant to chemical reaction. It can […]

Buy Opal Gemstone Online

Buy Opal Gemstone Opal is a slightly translucent and mysterious gem. It is hydrated form of silica, and water content may range from 3% to 21% by weight, but actually it is usually 6% to 10% in total. Opal was formed many years ago in cracks and spaces, by the combination of silica and water. […]

Moonstone-Chanderkant Mani Ceylon

Certified Moonstone-Chanderkant Mani Ceylon Moonstone/Chandrakant Mani is a semi precious gemstone made of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstone which is found in Ceylon is composed of two feldspar species, orthoclase and albite. Its beautiful light refraction is due to visual effect or sheen caused by feldspar species. Both the Greek and the Romans associate this […]

Turquoise-Feroza Irani

Buy Certified Irani Firoza online  Irani Feroza – Turquoise is a semiprecious gemstone have got considerable importance because of its benefits. Chemical composition of Turquoise is hydrous phosphate form of copper and aluminum. The name turquoise is derived from an old, 16th century French word “Turkish”, also it has been named based on its beautiful […]

Hessonite-Gomed African

Certified Gomed/Hessonite African Gemstone Gomed is the Indian name for the gemstone Hessonite. This African gomed gemstone is a derivative of garnet and it occurs naturally in the form of Calcium Aluminum Silicate. It has a chemical composition similar to Grossularite. Hessonite gemstones are reddish-orange to yellowish orange in color. It is generally famous as […]

Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite The gem Azurite-malachite is a blending of two different and famous gems: the profound, just about topaz blue of azurite and the spotted shade of banded malachite. These two copper elements formed are mostly  accessible in copper mines, or other mines where copper material is available.. It will improve your intuition and help […]

Moonstone-Chanderkant Mani Indian

Certified Moonstone-Chanderkant Mani Moon stone/Chandrakant Mani is a semi precious gemstone made of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstone is composed of two feldspar species, orthoclase and albite. Its beautiful light refraction is due to visual effect or sheen caused by feldspar species. Both the Greek and the Romans associate this stone with their lunar God […]

Kidney Gemstone-Malachite

Kidney Gemstone-Malachite Malachite is a symbol of creativity and change. It is composed of copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. It has an opaque, green banded crystal, which crystallizes in a monoclinic form. This stone has name derive from the French word “melochites” and from Greek word “molochitis litho” which means “mellow-green stone”. Malachite is often weathered […]

Star Garnet

The Gem Star Garnet has been regarded  as a stone that can eliminate primitive ways  of thinking. It has the power to convert old  thinking into fresh thinking helping a person to remain happy and updated.  Star Garnet would be beneficial to upgrade  your way of thought process  and your own course of action.. It […]

Plum Root Agate

Plum Root Agate The Gem Plum Root Agate is regarded as a Power Gemstone, as it is very grounding, sturdy and secure. This particular stone is familiar as a magnificent stone for restoring  and balancing your body, soul  and intellect. This stone is a combination of  igneous rock and silica deposits in underground water.  It […]

Lajward-Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone-Lajward Lajward Gemstone is one of the rarest semi precious stone in the world of gem. It has a very unique and typical shade of dark blue that make it unique and famous throughout the ages. It is a rock, composed of most important mineral lazurite. This stone also contain calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. […]


The Gemstone Uvarovite The stone Uvarovite is a chromium based ‘Garnet’ family. It was found  in 1832 by Germain person Henri Hess  who termed the particular stone after a Russian statesman and laymen mineral collector. Uvarovite builds up the heart and other vital organs, as well as giving relief from  plant allergies and sexual malfunction. […]

Striped Flint

The Gemstone Striped Flint Striped flint is an extraordinary gem, with a more or less equal level system of parallel dark and pale lines. It often has a polish external appearance. It is formed mainly as nodules and mounds in the sedimentary rocks for example in chalks and limestone. Striped Flint has the importance and […]


The Gemstone Meteorites Originating from the bottomless cosmic space, a Meteorite gem is a wonder of its own. This extraordinary gem shows off of an astonishing journey to Earth. A solidified piece of astronomical waste shaped from extraterrestrial asteroids and comets, this gem progresses billions of miles at far-fetched fast speeds before finally crushing on […]


Mookaite is Australian jasper and is found in Coastal town of Carnarvon located in Western Australia. It is also called as mookite, mookalite, mookerite, moukalite and moukite. The name Mookaite is derived from its location at Mooka Creek, on Mooka Station, once a large sheep grazing property. Mookaite Jasper Benefits It is a stone of […]


The Gemstone Cacoxenite Cacoxenite is renowned as “Super Seven” and “Musical Stone”. This beautiful and  precious stone material is popularly known  as Cacoxenite or Cacoxenite Amethyst. Cacoxenite is an alloy that includes  quartz. Its appearance resembles gold or brown acicular pointers.   This particular stone supports to enhance spirited vibrations and encourage one’s spiritual growth […]

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond Herkimer diamonds are not naturally occurring diamond. These are double terminated quartz crystal of exceptional white crystal color. Herkimer Diamond is an “attunement stone” useful for attuning to another person. They have high and powerful vibration. It boosts clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. What is Herkimer Diamond These are called as Herkimer because they […]

Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite garnet gemstone is a garnet, which is raspberry in color. Rhodolite garnet gemstones are pinkish red to red in color. It is a composition of pyrope and amaldine. The name Rhodolite has been derived from the Greek word, “rhodon”, meaning rose colored, which shows its pinkish hue. Rhodolite Garnet Origin Rhodolite garnet is found […]

Obsidian Eye

The Gemstone Obsidian Eye Obsidian is a gemstone which has appeared naturally out of volcanic lava. When hot lava is emitted from a volcano and after it gets cooler then obsidian is formed. Obsidian is mostly available in the areas  where very acid volcanic lava eruptions have happened. It is also seen that obsidian was […]


Purpolite Meaning Purpoliote is an incredible purple stone. It is a core of manganese phosphate stone, and it has ray of violet color due to various amount of manganese present in it. Normally, it is quite a deep purple, it is not crystalline but have a deep matt surface. Although Purpolite is rare mineral, its […]

Solar Eye Quartz

Solar Eye Quartz Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz, it is sliced from stalactites. It is clear in appearance with presence of mossy inclusions on the surface. It is an energy enhancer and helps to connect to the spirit with harmony. Solar eye is very popular in bringing emotional strength and connecting to the […]

Laguna Lace Agate

Laguna Lace Agate – Meaning Laguna Agate is the highly praised banded age in the world. It is also famous for its extremely tight banding and vibrant shades of red and scarlet. Laguna Agate is present in an area that covers roughly four square miles in a remote mountain range in the Chihuahua, Mexico. It […]

Neon Apatite

The Gemstone Neon Apatite is said to be the stone of expression as it assists you to perceive things more clearly, to understand areas of concern  that are influencing you negatively, recognize the obstacles which you have to get rid off to reach your destination and also the matters that are stopping you to move […]

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian gets its name from the chatoyant, means rainbow effect of light refracting off tiny air bubbles inside the stone. It is a composition of volcanic glass. Rainbow Obsidian helps to alleviate fears at home/work that makes one overwhelm. It also removes the stint of bad luck and brings happiness and joy to the […]

Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain Jasper Porcelain jasper is a variety of jasper, which is predisposed to maintain glory and peace. It is often too contemplated to be a jewel boulder of different shades that provide solid shield to the protector to protect from the unknown diseases. Furthermore, it is speculated to remove the root cause of troubles from […]


The Gemstone Scolecite is one of the extraordinary vibrating gemstones, and is a powerful gem which supports better communication, especially with one’s own mind. It is a gem that arouses the positive energy in the mind and also  has a strong vibrating energy within the chakras. This encourages deep mental peace, harmony and spiritual transfiguration. […]


Howlite Gemstone Meaning Howlite is an extremely calming stone. Howlite is named after its discoverer Henry How who found it in the year 1868 in Nova Scotia. It is mainly a composition of Borate mineral, which occurs in Canada and parts of USA. Howlite crystals, which are transparent, is extremely hard to find now a […]


The Gemstone Gaspeite with a beautiful shade of yellowish green or apple green is an uncommon stone though originating in parts of Canada and Western Australia. Because of its unusual greenish brown shade it has most recently drawn the concentration of gems collectors. Regarded to be a double action gemstone for its brown mould and […]

Goshenite Gemstone

Goshenite is the beryl group of minerals, known as beryllium. Goshenite was first found in the small town of Goshen, located near the Hampshire country of Western Massachusetts and is named as the gemstone of truth. It is white to crystalline in appearance and is the purest form of beryl, so it is colorless. Goshenite […]

Boulder Opal

What’s a Boulder Opal Boulder Opal is easily distinguished by a layer of solid brown ironstone left on the back of the stone. Boulder Opal, as the name suggest, are gathered from large ironstone boulders under the ground. The thin veins and hair like appearance, forms in the cracks and fissures in these boulders. Boulder […]


Certified Amethyst-Kataila Gemstone Amethyst, a transparent purple variety of quartz, is one of the most popular of the colored stones. It is a violet variety of quartz (Sio2) and is used in jewelry. Amethyst violet color is due to irradiation, iron impurities and presence of trace elements that form crystal lattice. It can also be […]

Ruby Foll Jasper

Ruby Foll Jasper Meaning Ruby foll jasper is also called as Red Jasper. It is a stone of vibrancy and endurance. Ruby foll jasper is a talisman used during wars and a promoter of justice. It stops the blood of wounds, revive the pulse and increases fertility. According to Viking and Germanic legend, the magical […]

Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur Bone Gemstone Dinosaur bone gemstone is not the bone derived from dinosaurs’ femur rib bone. The name is derived from the Greek word “dino “meaning “great and fearful”,. This mineral has the power that has characteristic of bone. It is one of the organic “stones”, that are full of vital energies, composed of wisdom […]

Mariam Jasper

The Gemstone Jasper is a dense, mixed range of silica and is available in many shades. The name means “dotted or stippled stone”, and is got its name from a French and Latin phrase. It is believed to transform the negative powers or forces in to positive, and refines physical and mental conditions of health […]


Lazulite ( Stone of Heaven ) Lazulite Gemstone is also called as ‘Stone of Heaven ‘, which means blue. It is a crystal which is composed of mineral full of cosmic energy. It is an excellent stone of psychic and intuitive abilities, it stimulates the third eye. It is used for removing worries and brings […]

Chrysocolla with Malachite

Chrysocolla malachite is one of the most beautiful, colorful semi-precious gemstone known until now. Chrysocolla stone is a silicate of copper and blends well with malachite. These are found in beautiful green and blue color. The source of Chrysocolla-Malachite is Arizona. Most of the Chrysocolla-Malachite is also found in the Bagdad Copper Mine. Chrysocolla-Malachite is […]

Sphalerite Gemstone

Sphalerite is a zinc ore mineral, typically contains iron. If it has a high iron content, sphalerite is an opaque black. The gem-quality material has a low iron content that makes it transparent crystals. Due to its lack of hardness, it is called as a collector’s gemstone. One of the most peculiar characteristics of sphalerite […]

Turritella Agate – Fossil

Turritella agate fossil is a variety of medium-sized sea snails with an operculum, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Turritellidae. They have tightly coiled shells overall shape is basically that of an elongated cone. Turritella Agate is also the popular name used for a brown, translucent, fossiliferous agate found in the Green River Formation of […]


Moldavite Moldavite is the stone of the new age. Moldavite is a form of Tektite that carries extra terrestrial origin, and was formed when a giant meteorite stuck the earth. This is a rare stone and is found along the banks of the river Moldau. It cannot be found anywhere else in the World. Moldavite […]

Ruby Fuschite

Ruby Fuchsite Meaning Ruby Fuchsite is a lovely gemstone combined of natural red Ruby crystals that are embedded in pale to medium green Fuchsite. It is a great collection for any gemstone and jewelry boxes. Ruby in Fuchsite has a striking composition of Ruby and Fuchsite and posses the qualities of both. Fuchsite is a […]


Prehnite Information Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love. It is a transparent to translucent and the outer surface of Prehnite is shiny and soft in appearance. Prehnite is a composition of calcium aluminum silicate. Prehnite was first discovered in 1788 in the Karoo dolerites of Cradok, South Africa. It was named as Prehnite after […]

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the rare and precious gemstone in the world. Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered in Brazil in the year 1980 in the state of Paraiba. Paraiba is one of the sought after gems in the world. Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered by Heitor Barbosa. Heiter Barbosa used to work in the mines where […]


Astrophyllite Meaning Astrophyllite is an extremely energetic and a potent stone. It infuses entire system with light and makes one to have an awareness of the self. It is a stone of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. This stone aids in the development of strong metaphysical energy. The meaning of Astrophyllite has come from the Greek word […]


Septarian Crystal Septarian Crystal is a combination of yellow calcite and brown aragonite, grey limestone and white / clear barite. It has thus the properties of all the three minerals as well as its own. Septarian is a unique crystal that brings calmness and nurtures the feelings to feel them, and brings feelings of joy […]

Imperial Jasper

Imperial Jasper Imperial jasper is the best boulder used in the jewelry industries. It is a mixture of beautiful pink to light green in color. Astrologically, it is belongs to the Virgo, Leo or Capricorn ascendant or zodiac sign. This Jasper is beneficial for spiritual growth and relaxation. Imperial jasper has the general properties of […]

Red River Jasper

Red River Jasper Meaning Red river jasper is a strong protection stone. It is known to protect the fear from the night and the bad dreams. It is a stone of empowerment and brings courage at the time of need. It also sustains one in the process of healing to recover from violent sexual harassments. […]

Montana Agate

Montana Agate The name Montana Agate is derived due to the stunning chalcedony found in the alluvial gavels of the Yellowstone River formed during the Pleistocene period from ( 2,588,000 until 11,700 years BC Montana Agate Information The Montana Agate was spread over in a vast area surrounding millions of square miles. The uniqueness of […]

Rubellite Tourmaline

Rubellite Tourmaline It is a highly precious prized category of Rubellite Tourmaline. Rubellite line has the mystical and spiritual power of Tourmaline. This Tourmaline shines brilliantly and intensely in bright light while the fake gemstones will show some brownish color in bright light. Rubelite is a intensely red colored tourmaline which is picked by thousands […]

Psilomelane Dendritic Agate

Psilomelane Dendritic Meaning This is a gemstone composed of dual tint color , and helps to link up with the spiritual energies related to the mother earth. Psilomelane Dendritic is considered as a jewel rock that is often called as Merlinite. Further, it is transformed and grant a access to its carrier to enter the […]

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate Crazy lace agate is also called as “Laughter Stone”. It is called as a balancing and a protecting stone. This unique stone brings laughter and aids in the emotional healing of the soul. It has balancing and protecting qualities. It is very useful in balancing the human emotions and heals the same. […]

Fossil Coral

Fossil Coral Fossil Coral is a type of natural gemstone formed by ancient Corals. It’s name has been derived from ‘ agatized coral’ or ‘agatized fossil coral’ because during its formation, the coral remains were gradually replaced by the agate, a variety of natural chalcedony. It shouldn’t be mistaken with an endangered or protected reef […]


Unakite Gemstone Meaning Unakite is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality when placed on the third eye. Unakite is also called as epidote, has derived its meaning from the Greek word epidosis, which means, “growing together”. It is a combination of red jasper and green jasper. In other words, we can say […]

Amazonite Fossil

Amazonite is also known as Amazon stone. Amazonite is named after the South American Amazonite River. Amazonite is the variety of microcline feldspar. Feldspar is the most common mineral in the entire world. Certain green stones were extracted from the Amazon River and later it was found as amazonite. Amazonite is found in light green […]


Lizardite Lizardite is named after its discovery in Kennack Cove. It is the most common serpentine species of gemstone found in USA and Europe. The color of this stone is soft green in color with sometime dark hue on the inner part of the body. It was named in 1995 by Eric James Williams Whittaker […]

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper Bumble Bee Jasper is a unique artistry in itself. Bumble Bee is yellowish to Orangish yellow in color. It has very few impurities of Sulphur and Hematite. It is a stone of volcano because each stone erupted from the volcano showing different designs pattern. An energetic stone, Bumble Bee is further recognized […]

Sonora Sunrise

Sonora Sunrise Sonora sunrise is a variety of jasper. It is a aqua blue, red and black in color. This stone is a mixture of Chrysocolla and cuprites. The Chrysocolla give them blue and an aqua color. Cuprite provides the red color to the stone. The source of Sonora Jasper is the Milpillas mine in […]

Calcite Gemstone

Calcite is the primary ore of calcium and the most stable form of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is found in the abundant form and is the most important ore of calcite gemstone. Calcite is often called as “Limespar”’ or “calspar”. Calcite deposits are found in the deposits of sedimentary rocks such as limestone. Calcite is […]


Psilomelane Psilomelane is a stone of duality. It is also known as a stone of luck. It enhances the vibes of luck in a person. Psilomelane reduces fear and brings courage and strength in a person. This stone is light black to grey in color. Psilomelane is widely used at the time of examination to […]

Noreena Jasper

Noreena Jasper Noreena Jasper is a silicified mudstone. It is an excellent variety of Jasper. It has a nonfigurative pattern that appeals to the eye. In the traditions, Noreena Jasper is used for its vibrancy. On the physical plain, it increases the fertility in the female. The energies present in the Noreena Jasper is believed […]

Snake Skin Jasper

Snake Skin Jasper Meaning Snakeskin jasper is a protective and a calming stone. It guards one against the negative impact of the body and helps to attain positive aura within the environment. It may be red or cream with a yellow tinge on its surface. The outer surface of the crystal has banded striations like […]

Cherry Creek Jasper

Cherry Creek Jasper Cherry Creek Jasper is a variety of Jasper found in the Mainland , China. It is also called as Red Creek Jasper due to beautiful red spots on the surface. The upper surface of the stone is smooth. It has light green color with a mixture of slight reddish. Cherry Creek Jasper […]

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper Ocean jasper is an excellent healing stone. It encourages the feeling of joy and happiness by removing the negative tendency of the mind. Ocean Jasper is also called as Orbicular Jasper. It is found in the remote areas of Madgascar mined at the low tide. It is also called as Atlantis stone. It […]

Tiffany Jasper

Tiffany Jasper Meaning Tiffany Jasper is a crystal with high vibration. It is also called as Bertandite. This stone has an alluring vibes that helps the wearer to overcome the fear of negativity. Tiffany Jasper helps the soul to build up the psychic abilities and build strong energies of the cleric. It is found in […]

Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite garnet is green to emerald green color gemstone. Tsavorite garnet composed of calcium aluminium silicate. Tsavorite garnet was found in the Tsavorite national park in Tanzania so it was named as Tsavorite garnet. The green color of the Tsavorite garnet stone is sometimes mistaken with the green emerald. Tsavorite was discovered by a Scottish […]

K2 Jasper

K2 Jasper It is a stone of awareness and insight. K2 is also called as Afghanite. It is a rare stone that increases metaphysical community. This is a newly discovered stone found in the foothills of second highest mountain on Earth, Karakoram. This mountain ranges to Pakistan and China. It is a combination stone with […]

Blue Lace Agate

Introduction to the Meaning of Blue Lace Agate Blue lace agate is a wonderful healing stone. It’s soft energy is unique for healing the negative aura in the body. This is not a stone of protection rather than of encouragement and support. It is effective in activating and healing the throat chakra. It helps to […]

Scapolite Gemstone

Scapolite is one of the rarest gemstone. Scapolite is not readily available. Scapolite is a group of rock formed by the silicate minerals. Scapolite is composed of aluminum, calcium and sodium silicate along with the chlorine, carbonate and sulfate. Scapolite was first of all found in the Mogok stone tract in the upper Burma. It […]

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper Alternate names – Australian Rainforest Jasper, Rhyolite Rainforest jasper is a green form of Rhyolite. It is cut en cabochon. It is also known as Australian Rainforest Jasper. This is a stone with a soft gradual energy and contributes in bringing the happiness and charm in the life of the wearer. Rainforest jasper […]

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a form of Brown Jasper. Picture Jasper is grounding and harmonizing stone. Picture Jasper is characterized by beautiful scenes and mastery art over the surface. Picture Jasper is revealed by the cultures of the Earthy civilization. Jasper is closely connected to the earth and is also known as a globally connected stone. […]

Native Copper

Native Copper – Metaphysical & Healing Properties Keywords: Conduct Energy Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility. In other term, copper is believed to be the metal of the God Hermes, who increases the mental agility, and quick reasons.Copper is a good conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystery of subtle […]

Natural Seraphinite

Seraphinite Gemstone – History Seraphinite is the name given to a variety of clinochlore belonging to the chlorite group. This name has been derived from the Greek word “seraphim”, which refers to a celestial being with three pairs of wings, and this could be due to the silvery feather –like chatoyant fibres that are present […]

Ruby Zoisite

The Gemstone Ruby Zoisite is furthermore well-known as Ruby in Zoisite or Anyolite. It’s a gemstone which is a great mixture of power and colour, creating it one of the virtuous and wonderful gemstones among all the stones. Ruby Zoisite frequently comprises black spots of Tschermakite that will be obvious in the gemstone as well. […]

Red Banded Agate

The Gemstone Red banded agate gemstone brings vivacity to move ahead in the future. An astonishing stone to bright up and ignite the positive energy in your heart once again. Also known as the warriors’ gemstone by many astrologers. Red agate’s special effects on steadiness are ahead of the normal stone. The gemstone terminates the […]

Lemon Quartz

The Gemstone Lemon Quartz gemstone is believed to nourish the intelligence and thereby accelerates the awareness and processing of outer conviction. By using the stone a person is able to understand the reason for certain things faster. Thus, particularly in circumstances where a prompt response is essential, Lemon Quartz aids to act quickly and keep […]

Mushroom Rhyolite

Mushroom Rhyolite Mushroom Rhyolite is also known as Rainforest Jasper. It is composition of Igneous rock, is dark in color and glassy and groundmass surface. Rhyolite is a stiff lava with high content of silica. This gemstone is polished well with the procedures similar to the diamond. Mushroom Rhyolite is found in different shades of […]


Variscite Gemstone Meaning Variscite is one of the rarest collection of the gemstone. Variscite is found in green, gray and white in color. Variscite beads are opaque sometimes with veined on the surface. It may appear as large masses or small encrustations on a matrix. It is named after ‘ Variscia’ the historical name of […]


Charoite Gemstone Meaning Charoite is a stone of transformation and known as soul stone. It stimulates the inner vision and spiritual insight and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. Charoite color is purple and has mottled , whirled and often small and medium in appearance. It is easily available and mostly […]


The Gem Stone Lepidolite Lepidolite gemstone was first found in the 18th century, when it was well known as “lilalite” for its lavender shade. However, it was later on termed as “lepidolite” by scientists, which derived from the Greek word “lepidos”, which means “scale”, because of its rough look caused by scales of lithium. Lepidolite […]

Arizona Pietersite

The gemstone Arizona Pietersite Arizona Pietersite is also recognized as storm Stone as it is a gemstone that brings energy, a little like a tempest intense within the stone.  It brings cleaning power to help you to generate positive change. This is a gemstone that is very inspiring to your power meadow, and assists you […]


The Gemstone Ammolite Ammolite is one of the several stones that are drawing a lot of attention. It has also a very appealing story that you will certainly find wonderful and astonishing. The title of this gemstone has come from God Ammon an very old Egyptian who has signified by ram’s head that has cruel […]


Seraphinite Gemstone – History Seraphinite is the name given to a variety of clinochlore belonging to the chlorite group. This name has been derived from the Greek word “seraphim”, which refers to a celestial being with three pairs of wings, and this could be due to the silvery feather –like chatoyant fibres that are present […]

Hessonite-Gomed Ceylon

Certified Gomed Hessonite Ceylon Gemstone Gomed is the Indian name for the gemstone Hessonite. This African Hessonite/Gomedh stone is a derivative of garnet and it occurs naturally in the form of Calcium Aluminum Silicate. It has a chemical composition similar to Grossularite. Hessonite gemstones are reddish orange to yellowish orange in color. It is generally […]

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire

Bangkok Yellow Sapphire gemstone is the most popular gemstone after Diamond and Rubies. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire or Peela Pukhraaj is light yellow to dark yellow in color. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is the variety of corundum. Sapphire is found in various colors. Bangkok Yellow Sapphire is also a variety of corundum. Yellow sapphire gemstone gives the […]

Turquoise-Feroza American

Certified American Turquoise-Firoza Gemstone American Firoza/Turquoise is a semiprecious gem, composed of hydrous phosphate form of copper and aluminum. The word turquoise is derived from the old French word “Turkish” which dates back to 16th century. This gem is known for its unique blue-green color, and even the colored turquoise derives its name from this […]


The Gemstone Bronzite Bronzite mineral belongs to the pyroxene group of natural resources. It can take place in most igneous rock and ultramafic igneous deposit. It is a gorgeous gemstone in toffee brown shades with sparkling golden twist. It’s one of the best-looking gemstones that you will see in refined and collapsed form. You can use […]

Gold Obsidian

The Gemstone Gold Obsidian This stone, golden obsidian that shapes when gas bubbles from the exceptional lava surge and are enfold in the obsidian as it forms its shape. The blemish of the gasses marks a golden gleam to take place, ensuing obsidian a golden expression. Golden Obsidian gemstone is usually worn by religious healers […]


Black Star Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the name given to a complex variety of Boron silicate mineral. Black star tourmaline is one of the most fascinated and beautiful variety of tourmaline gemstone. Due to its wide range of colors, tourmaline is considered as the most versatile gemstones. The word tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese word means “stone with […]


Certified Sugilite Gemstone Sugilite is one of the major love semiprecious Gemstone. Sugilite is a rare crystal of cyclosilicate material. A significant deposit of sugilite was found in the South Africa in the year 1979 in a manganese mine. This stone has attractive putrple color due to the presence of manganese. The most highly prized […]


Certified Pyrite Gemstone Pyrite is the mineral which is known as “Fools Gold”. Pyrite is a composition of Iron sulfide. Pyrite is pale brass yellow in color, so it resembles as gold. An, Earth element, it is associated with fire energy, symbolizes warmth and enduring presence of the Sun. Pyrite is a protective stone and […]


Sodalite…….Gemstone of Peace Sodalite Sodalite is a gemstone of peace. Sodalite brings inner peace. Sodalite Simply holding small piece of sodalite in the hands brings deep peace and calm. Sodalite is a typical blue crystal. It is named sodalite due to the presence of mineral sodium. Sodalite can be identified by deep blue color with […]


Certified Ametrine Gemstone Ametrine Meaning – Ametrine is a very rare and an unusual stone. Ametrine is found in the quartz when amethyst and the citrine reside in the same crystal. Color band combinations in Ametrine can vary from pale-violet to deep-purple to gold-brown. The color split of the Ametrine is rather abrupt and not […]


Certified Rhodonite Sem Precious Gemstone Rhodonite is also called a red and pink stone. This stone is an emotional balancer, and a strong healer. Rhodonite is rose pink to dark red in color. It has black dendritic inclusions on the surface. It has often mottled, often flecked with black and small tumbled shape. It is […]


Certified Azurite Azurite is found in blue color and also the combination of Greeish Blu, green color and is a very rare variety of gem. Azurite is composed of a very high copper content. Azurite is one of the basic carbonate minerals, which is malachite. It has got the name from the Persian word “lazhward”. […]

Yellow Sapphire-Peela Pukhraj Ceylone

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj gemstone belongs to the family corundum (Aluminum oxide) and slight traces of iron, which imparts beautiful yellow hue to this gemstone. It is found in igneous rocks. A natural yellow  sapphire gemstone is found in sediments or rock formation. Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire’s are also used in industrial or […]


Certified Cinnabar Gemstone Cinnabar Meaning: Cinnabar is a semi precious stone of transformation. Cinnabar is a natural occurring mineral along with mercury and sulfur in composition. It has a hexagonal crystal. It is found in red, brown, brown-red and gray in color. It is found as a small crystal or granular mass on the matrix. […]

Buy Black Obsidian, Original Black Obsidian

Buy Black Obsidian Gemstone Black Obsidian is like a glassy igneous rock which is used widely as semi precious gemstone. Black Obsidian is formed when there is a combination of volcanic lava with water. This stone cools quickly and results into a shiny glassy structure. Black Obsidian is a powerful stone of psychic smog. It […]

Watermelon Tourmaline

Certified Watermelon Tourmaline Watermelon Tourmaline is a semi precious gemstone, which belongs to the group Elbaite. Elbaite is the most colorful variety of the mineral, which consist of the Indicolite (blue/blue green), Verdelite (green), and Rubellite (pink) in color. It is a member of the Tourmaline family. Watermelon Tourmaline has a shiny, opaque, or transparent […]


Certified Aragonite Gemstone Aragonite gemstone is named after aragon region in spain, where pseudo hexagonal crystal was found. Aragonite is a carbonate mineral, typically same as calcite. Aragonite is a fibrous round in appearance and no rhombohedral. Aragonite typically comes in a glassy appearance. This stone varies in color combination also. It is found in […]

Spectrolite Cat’s Eye

Certified Spectrolite Cat’s Eye Spectrolite is a name given to a very rare variety of Labradorite. It is a member of the feldspar group. Labradorite is known for its excellent iridescence. Spectrolite Cat’s eye is known for its beautiful iridescent colors. This gemstone is found in violet, blue, and green in color. But a very […]


Certified Morganite or Pink Emerald Morganite Meaning Morganite is often called as Pink Emerald. Morganite belongs to the same gemstone family of beryl, emerald, aquamarine and bixbite. Morganite is called as Pink emerald, because both of these are the variety of beryl. Morganite carries an excellent metaphysical property than Emerald. It is a lovely pink […]

Buy Carnelian Gemstone

Buy Certified Carnelian Gemstone Online Carnelian is a stabilizing gemstone. Carnelianis also called as the stone of motivation and stone of action. It is glassy and transparent in with orange and red color. Carnelian is generally found in Red, Orange, Pink and Brown in color. It is small, translucent pebble, often tumbled. Some stones are […]

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire Gemstone Star Sapphire Gemstone is a very rare variety of Sapphire, that exhibit asterism. Star Sapphire belongs to the family corundum. Star Sapphire corundum has a hardness of 9, which makes it a second hardest material on earth. Star Sapphire stone brings you into its depths and clears intuition. It brings about centering […]


Certified Fluorite Gemstone Fluorite is one of the most popular mineral in the world of gemstones. Fluorite has brilliant colors, so considered as the most beautiful mineral in the World. Fluorite is a semiprecious gemstone. It was first discovered in 1530 and was originally described as ‘fluorspar’. It has a wide range of colors, which […]

Blue Zircon

Certified Blue Zircon Blue Zircon is a group of mineral belonging to neosilicates. Blue Zircon is a traditional birthstone for December. Zircon is one of the heaviest gemstones till now. Blue Zircon has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It can be easily identified by it birefringence when observed from the […]


Certified Bornite Gemstone Bornite is a semi precious stone, which is a copper mineral mined in Mexico. It is brown to copper red in color. It has purple to brown iridescent color, which imparts beautiful peacock color, so named as Peacock ore or Peacock copper. Bornite transforms heavy situations and brings freshness and newness in […]


Certified Moissanite Gemstone Moissanite is an extraordinary marble which was revealed by Henri Moissan. This was discovered by Henri Moissan, a noble prize winning chemist, so named as Moissanite. Firstly, it was identified as crystals as diamond, but later it was identified as silicon carbide. This stone is formed by the covalent bonding similar to […]

Smoky Quartz

Certified Smoky Quartz Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding stone. Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. Smoky Quartz is one of the finest varieties of quartz. Smoky Quartz is a protective stone. It is found in brownish to […]


Certified Pietersite Gemstone Pietersite is a semi precious gemstone, also known as “Tempest Stone”. It has a connection with the storm element, so called as Tempest. Pietersite is a recent discovery and is said to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven. It is golden-brown to gray in color. It is mottled in the […]


Certified Hematite Gemstone Hematite is a semi precious gemstone which is silver and red in color. Hematite has a similar structure like the brain of a human being. It is found in red and gray in color if unpolished. Hematite is heavy in weight and found in all sizes. It is grounding and protecting stone. […]

Golden Rutilated Quartz

Certified Golden Rutile Rutilated Gemstone Golden Rutilated Quartz is a highly effective semiprecious gemstone. You can use this semiprecious gemstone in place of costly precious gemstone. It is an effective energizer of energy at all levels. It helps to heighten energetic impulse of the body. Golden Rutilated Quartz is a very efficient vibrational healer. Rutilated […]


Certified Chrysocolla Gemstone Chrysocolla is one of the very lesser known semiprecious stone. Chrysocolla is a composition of hydrous copper silicate, often confused with copper, iron and manganese oxide. It has a hardness of 2 to 4 in a Moh’s scale. It is apple green and lemon in color. The name Chrysocolla comes from Greek […]

Rock Crystal Quartz

Certified Rock Crystal Quartz Rock crystal quartz is one of the powerful healing stones. Rock crystal quartz is a variety of quartz crystal. These are transparent to glassy in shape. It is milky white in appearance. It can occur in many different forms of shape. It can be short or lengthy, terminated or pointed. This […]


Certified Angelite Gemstone Angelite is a semiprecious gemstone which is found in blue, white, and sometimes flecked with red in color. Angelite has an opaque and often veined like wings on the surface. It is easily obtained. Angelite is an “awareness stone” for the new age. It facilitates the conscious contract with the angelic realm. […]


Certified Sardonyx Sardonyx is a semiprecious gemstone which is a mixture of onyx and carnelian. Sardonyx is found in black, red, brown and clear in color. It is a variety of silica mineral chalcedony. It has a banded surface, opaque. It may be large or small, and often tumbled. It is rarely found and easily […]


Certified Chalcedony Gemstone Chalcedony is a semiprecious nurturing stone. Chalcedony is transparent or opaque, and sometimes banded. It is found in all sizes and often seen as geode or small tumbled stone. It is found in white, pink, blue and red grayish in color. It is a stone of transmission and telepathy. It is a […]

Sillimanite Cat’s Eye

Certified Sillimanite cat’s eye Sillimanite cat’s eye is a highly precious gemstone. Sillimanite cat’s eye is a form of aluminum silicate related to andalusite and Kyanite. Siliminate has been named after the American chemist Benjamin Silliman. He was a very famous chemist and geologist, who worked on different forms of minerals.Silimanite Cat’s eye is brown […]


Certified Chrysoprase Gemstone Chrysoprase is a semi precious gemstone of chalcedony quartz. Chrysoprase is apple green to lemon in color. It is mainly cryptocrystalline form of silicon dioxide. It is opaque, flecked, and often small and tumbled in appearance It is found commonly. The word Chrysoprase has been discovered from the Greek word, “chrusos” and […]


Certified Serpentine Gemstone Serpentine is a semiprecious soothing stone. Serpentine is a composition of hydrated magnesium silicate. It aids in meditation and also heals the crown chakra. It is found in red, green, brown-red, brown-yellow, and white in color. It has a mottled, dual appearance and can be water-worn and often polished. This stone is […]

Cats Eye Tourmaline

Certified Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Cat’s eye Tourmaline Lehsunia is a gemstone which has a resemblance with Cat’s eye. This Cat’ss Eye Tourmaline gemstone has a striking white ray, passing through the center that gives a resemblance to a cat’s eye. It is the largest encountered gemstone found in natural form. It is a hard, translucent […]

Dendritic Agate

Certified Dendritic Agate Dendritic agate is a semiprecious gemstone, which is also called as the stone of harmony. Dendritic agate has tree like appearance on the surface, so called as Dendritic Agate. It is found in clear, brown and green in color. It is often small and tumbled. It is readily available. Sometimes, it is […]


Certified Jade Gemstone Jade is a semiprecious gemstone of the mineral sodium aluminum silicate also called as Nephrite Jade. Jade was first used in the history in the making of weapons and tools. It is Green, orange, brown, blue, blue-green, lavender, and red white in color. It is translucent known as jadeite or creamy known […]

Black Star Diopside

Certified Black Star Diopside Black star diopside is also known as star of India. Diopside is a form of calcium magnesium silicate. It is the most common form of the pyroxene group. It is a very recent variety of cabochon found recently. This is generally a blackish or blackish green in color. It is rarely […]


Certified Blood stone Bloodstone Meaning and Properties Bloodstone is also a semiprecious gemstone of the variety chalcedony. Blood stone is also defined as variety of micro crystalline. It is called as Heliotrope in Greek, which means sun turning. According to the belief, the Sun turns red when this stone is immersed in water. It is […]


Certified Larimar (Dolphin stone) Larimar is a rare blue colored gem of the mineral pectolite, found in Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Island. Pectolite is an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium. The blue color of this gem is due to the deposit of copper substitution for calcium. The composition of this blue stone […]


Certified Selenite Gemstone Selenite is a highly semiprecious gemstone, with translucent with fine rib like appearance on the surface. It is coarse, fishtail or petal like. Selenite is found in Pure white, orange, blue, brown and green in color. It is found in all sizes. It is easily obtained. It is composed of the mineral […]


Certified Rhodochrosite Gemstone Rhodochrosite is a semiprecious gemstone, which is found in pink, light pink and orange in color. Rhodochrosite has a banded appearance and surface is often polished or tumbled. It is easily obtained. It was firstly introduced in the market in the year 1940. Rhodochroscite is not so hard rating on the Moh’s […]

Pink Sapphire Ceylon

Certified Pink Sapphire Ceylon Gemstone Pink Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone, which is the pink variety of corundum. Pink Sapphire is a very delicate, lively pink in color without any overtones. Like all the forms of corundum, pink sapphire possess very good luster. Pink Sapphire is normally molded in various cutting like oval, square, […]


Certified Amazonite Gemstone Amazonite Meaning: Amazonite is a semiprecious gemstone also called as Amazon stone. Amazonite belongs to feldspar group of minerals. The feldspar is homogenous rock formed of minute tectosilicates. Amazonite was named after the South America’s Amazon River. It is found in light green to bluish green in color. It has an opalescent […]

Goldstone or Sun Sitara

Certified Goldstone / Sunsitara Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in low oxygen reducing atmosphere. The finished goldstone is smooth in texture and appearance. Due to its fine texture it is widely used as a semiprecious gemstone. Goldstone is another name for aventurine. It is made since the European Renaissance. Goldstone is widely […]


Certified Agate/Akik Agate/Akik belongs to the quartz family of minerals. Quartz is one of the most important minerals found in the earth’s crust. Agate is classified under cryptocrystalline variety. Agate is often referred as microcrystalline sometimes. Silicon dioxide or silica found in the stone is associated with the volcanic rock. Agate Gemstone Meaning Agate is […]

Green Quartz

Certified Green Quartz Green Quartz is also known as Prsaem. Green quartz is a silicate mineral composed of silicon dioxide. Green Quartz is a very rare stone which occurs in nature. Green Quartz is often confused with the similar colored Prasiolite which is obtained by the heat treatment of iolite/amethyst. Green Quartz is a variety […]


Certified Citrine-Sunela Gemstone Citrine/Sunela is the yellow to gold orange color of quartz. It is a variety of quartz. Citrine word is derived from the French word “citron” which means lemon. It has yellow color, due to trace amount of iron in it. It is shiny glass like stone and color of this stone is […]

Yellow Quartz

Certified Yellow Quartz Quartz is the most common mineral available in the earth’s crust composed of silicon dioxide. Yellow Quartz is related to the solar plexus chakra. It is historically known as the merchant’s stone due to the presence of yellow color in it. Yellow color carries immense healing power. Yellow Quartz is related to […]

Golden Quartz

Certified Golden Quartz Gemstone Golden Quartz also called as ‘sphere’ is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the earth. It is found worldwide. Golden Quartz stores, releases, and regulates energy. The clear Quartz comes in many forms – from tumbled rocks to big clusters and generators. Golden Quartz ‘sphere’ like other Quartz crystal is […]


Sunstone Gemstone Sunstone belongs to a group of plagioclase feldspar. If it is viewed under different angles of light it shows a brilliant spangled appearance and this is the best quality of Sunstone. It shows optical effects due to reflection from the inclusion of copper in the form of minute scales. The radiance of the […]

Colorless Sapphire Ceylon

Certified Colorless Sapphire Gemstone Ceylon: Colorless sapphire is a precious gemstone which appears like a crystal. It is composed of colorless variety of corundum. Colorless Sapphire is completely clear. It has slightly yellow tinge and a typical luster of corundum. Its surface is also composed of fine veil like and lacelike liquid inclusions. It may […]


Certified Aventurine Gemstone Aventurine is a semiprecious gemstone of variety feldspar and quartz. It is found in green, blue, red, brown, and in peach color. It is opaque in appearance, speckled with shiny particles and often tumbled. It occurs in various parts of the world and readily available. Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet and […]


Certified Amber gemstone Amber Gemstone is not a crystal, it is a resin of tree that solidifies and becomes fossilized. It is sourced typically from Pinus Succinifera tree. The fossil of Amber can be traced back to Tertiary period. As, it is formed from soft and sticky resins, it also contains plant and animals traces, […]


Onyx Gemstone Meaning Onyx is a layered stone which exhibits different colors. Onyx gemstone is usually a material cut from agate. Onyx is generally a stone with chemical formula Silicon Dioxide which denotes that it belongs to the quartz family. It has a hexagonal quartz system. Onyx is also classified as banded chalcedony. Onyx can […]

Star Ruby

Star Ruby Gemstone Star Ruby is the most precious type of Ruby gemstone. Star Ruby is the asteriated types of ruby with mainly six gleaming rays, radiating outwards towards periphery from the center. When it’s dome side is exposed to sunlight or artificial light, all its rays glow with equal prominence. Start forms at the […]


Spinel is a beautiful crystal, connected with energy renewal. Spinel is composed of magnesium aluminum. Balas ruby is an old name for rose tinted variety of Spinel. It crystallizes in the isometric system, commonly called as octahedral. The name Spinel has come from the Latin word “Spina” meaning thorn, due to pointed shape. It is […]


Certified Iolite-Neelie Gemstone Iolite/Neelie is a transparent gem quality of the family cordierite. Iolite is a form of magnesium iron and cyclosilicate. Iron is always present in this mineral. Cordierite was discovered in the year 1813 and was named after the French Geologist Louis Cordier (1777-1861). Iolite/Neeli typically occurs in contact or regional metamorphism of […]


Certified Peridot Gemstone Peridot is a gem, which belongs to the family of Olivine. Olivine is a silicate mineral. It is a common mineral found in mafic and ultramafic rock. Peridot is a magnesium rich variety. The name Peridot has been derived from Arabic word for gem “faridat” It is also called as poor man’s […]


Certified Tourmaline Gemstone Tourmaline is a crystal born aluminum silicate mineral, with magnesium, iron, sodium, lithium, potassium. Tourmaline name has come from the Sinhalese word “Turmali” mean “stone mixed with vibrant color” from Sri Lanka. These were brought from Sri Lanka by the Dutch East India Company, to satisfy demands of gems and jewels. It […]


Certified Aquamarine Gemstone Aquamarine is a green-blue variety of precious beryl. Beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate. Hexagonal crystals of beryl may be very small in size and terminated crystals are very rare to see. It is mainly found in deposits of granitite pegmatite. Aquamarine is a blue to turquoise variety of […]

Blue Topaz

Certified Blue Topaz Gemstone Blue Topaz is a semiprecious gemstone. Blue Topaz is a mixture of aluminum silicate, fluoride and hydroxide ions. Topaz is a mellow, empathetic stone that directs energy to where it is needed most. Topaz occurs not only in the transparent yellow, but also in yellowish brown, orange-brown, and pink colors, but […]

Yellow Topaz

Certified Yellow Topaz Gemstone Yellow Topaz Gemstone is a form of silicate mineral of aluminum. Yellow Topaz is golden yellow in color and transparent. Yellow Topaz is the most popular among Yellow gems due to its sparkling and brilliant luster. This stone is unearthed within granite and pegmatite deposit. The word Topaz has been derived […]

White Topaz

Certified White Topaz Gemstone White Topaz Gemstone is a form of silicate mineral of aluminum. It is colorless and transparent. White Topaz is the most popular among white gems due to its sparkling and brilliant luster. It is also called as silver topaz or transparent topaz. This stone is unearthed within granite and pegmatite deposit. […]

Rose Quartz

Certified Rose Quartz Gemstone Rose Quartz also called as love crystal, is a part of the quartz family of the crystal. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral found in the earth’s crust. Rose Quartz is made of continuous chain of silicon-oxygen tetrahedral. Quartz gemstones are very attractive, durable and hard. In most cases, it […]


Tanzanite is a gem of blue to violet and it belongs to member of zoisite mineral group. This stone was discovered by a member of Masai tribesman in the year 1967. Tanzanite is known for its remarkable strong trichroism, which appears alternatively as blue sapphire, violet and burgundy colored in crystal orientation. Tanzanite connects the physical, […]

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron Gemstone Tiger Iron is composed of hematite, red jasper and sometimes yellow jasper. Tiger Iron is a member of the quartz group. It is incomplete silicon is called as hawk’s eye. It is well known as a grounding stone. Tiger Iron brings protection, and averts dangers to life. It increases the will power. […]


Certified Alexandrite Gemstone Alexandrite is a fascinating transparent gem that appears green in daylight, and raspberry red under artificial light. It is a variety of Chrysoberyl. The mineral Chrysoberyl is aluminates of beryllium. It was reputedly discovered in Russia in 1834 on the day the future czar, Alexander II reached its majority and thus it […]


Certified Jasper Gemstone Online Jasper is a gemstone, available in a variety of quartz today. Jasper stone is a form of chalcedony. It is usually found in an opaque variety and also consists of impure variety of silica. the name Jasper has been derived from the Greek word for “Spotted stone”, due to the presence […]


Certified Green Beryl Gemstone Beryl is one of the most important mineral groups found in abundant. Precious beryl is prismatic crystal in shape, may be transparent and pyramidal in shape. It is also called as ‘Heliodor’. Transparent specimen of beryl is called as “Precious Beryl”. The most famous member of the beryl family is Green […]

Cubic Zircon

Zircon is a mineral that belongs to the group neosilicates. Cubic Zircon occurs in igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and in sedimentary rocks. Zircon occurs in sedimentary deposit and is a common constituent of sands. Cubic Zircon can become more modified by intense radiation damage. Some Zircon has large amount of uranium and thorium deposits It […]

White Zircon

Certified Natural White Zircon White Zircon is a mineral that belongs to the group neosilicates. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate. White Zircon occurs in igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, and in sedimentary rocks. It occurs in sedimentary deposit and is a common constituent of sands. White natural zircon can become more modified by intense radiation […]

Turquoise-Firoza Tibet

Turquoise Feroza Tibetan Turquoise Feroza – Tibet is the oldest stone in the man’s history. The Turquoise tibetan  is a naturally occurring gemstone. It is mainly composed of copper aluminium anhydrous sulphate and  is found in bluish green in color, and even the color Turquoise has derived from this gemstone. Tibetan Turquoise or Chinese Turquoise […]


Certified Kyanite Kyanite is a semiprecious gemstone of variety aluminum silicate, sometimes also called as cyanite. Kyanite gemstone is blue-white, pink, green yellow and sometimes black in color. It has a striated surface, opaque in appearance and “pearlized” in all sizes and is readily available all over the world, but mostly found in Brazil. Its […]


Labradorite is a beautiful semi precious gemstone. It is grayish to black in color with blue and yellow light tinge over the surface. Labradorite gemstone is a variety of mineral feldspar and tectosilicate. It is readily available and found in Italy, Green land, Finland, Russia, Canada and Scandinavia. It displays a beautiful iridescent of colors. […]


Garnet is a naturally occurring stone, which is composed of group of silicate minerals. This stone is mostly found in dodecahedral crystal form. Garnet gemstones  crystallize in the cubic crystal, having three axes perpendicular to each other. It can be very well identified by magnet. Transparent garnet gemstones are used in jewelry making. Garnet is […]

Tiger Eye Red

Certified Red Tiger Eye Gemstone Red – Tiger Eye Gemstone also called as (Tiger’s Eye) is a chatoyant gemstone. This Red Tiger Eye gemstone is cut en cabochon to display chatoyant. It has a unique property of optical light, which is very similar to Cat’s eye glowing in the dark. Red Tiger’s Eye Gemstone is […]

Tiger Eye Yellow

Certified Yellow Tiger Eye Yellow Gemstone Tiger Eye Yellow Gemstone also called as (Tiger’s Eye) is a chatoyant gemstone. This gemstone is cut en cabochon to display chatoyant. It has a unique property of optical light, which is very similar to Cat’s eye glowing in the dark. It is a metamorphic rock, golden to red […]