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Atacamite is a copper halide deposit: a copper(II) chloride hydroxide with formula Cu2Cl(OH)3. It was first found in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 1801. Atacamite forms in dry climates where copper minerals are unveiled to oxidation. The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places in the whole world. Atacamite has a deep green color and is repeatedly combined with many other rare and colorful minerals. It is a strong medicinal effect, curing heat and relieving pain which can occur from osteoarthritis, muscle strain, and period and labour pains. Atacamite generally appeases and releases fear, balances emotions, hormones, and the other internal system. It  balances kidney function and liquid homeostasis, and can be helpful in curing oedema.

Why should I wear

Energies elevating from this stone is favourable in meditation, giving you concentration a stronger bond with your subconscious.It  acts as an energizer for the pineal gland. It connects your psychic abilities with a higher persona. Atacamite increases the capacity of your extrasensory power. It also helps  to safeguard you from evil energies and harmful psychic attacks. This stone will also fill you with enthusiasm and positivity in whatever you do, both in the personal and professional fronts. It helps in communication and enhances your art to express yourself clearly and effectively. It’s also a stone which makes its wearer independent. It will remove all the energy which causes hindrance to become more productive and imaginative. It will give you mystical protection and keep you secure against all negative energies.

Benefits and Effects

Atacamite is a stone that helps  in physical healing.This energy helps in curing problems related to the reproductive organs and eradicates all problems related to this area.

Because it is so typical in its looks and feel, it always exhibits as a beautiful piece in any collection of crystals, no matter its size.

The vibrations of Atacamite helps in enhancing  your creativity and strengthening your imagination. It helps to make your financial life strong and secure. By using this stone you can experience harmony in all relationships.

Atacamite builds up a sense of confidence, and makes you more confident about yourself  and your existing relationship.

It’s vibrant energy helps you in mediation and which helps a person to sharpen his conscious mind and act wisely.

Atacamite is also a stone which helps people who behave aggressively or indulge home violence, hitting and beating others. The powerful stone helps the wearer to understand or realize the root cause of all evils, respect his/her relations and stay amicable in his world.


Origin – Found in  Russia, Czech Republic, China, Arizona, Chile, and Australia

Birthstone month- You can wear in any month that will be suggested by your astrologer.

Ruling planet – Jupiter

Profession- Lawyer, doctors, teachers, professionals( govt), engineers

Significance- It’s element is water. Atacamite is an extraordinary gem with it’s peculiar and extraordinary traits. It will help you move progressively and focus on your overall growth and development. This stone is popularly used and works on many different areas simultaneously. It’s a must-have stone for the people who want to enhance their extrasensory sense as it helps in bringing a powerful image for oneself.  When you use Atacamite for a specific or short period of time, you will be able to receive its strong vibration on everyday life. You can wear it close to your body as it is gorgeous and at the same time possess immense healing properties.

Color- Blackish green, bright green, emerald green.

Species- Atacamite

Density- 3760 kg/m3

Jewellery metal- Both silver and gold

Wearing day – Thursday

Caution- Always wear your stone after purifying it. It is necessary to consult an astrologer before wearing a stone. You must know which are the different other stones which you can wear in combination with Atacamite stone. Do not ever keep your stone in a neglected area or unclean space. It will not be advisable to wear someone else’s used stone.

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