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Moon (Chandra) represents the mind. It signifies thoughts and emotions. Chandra Yagya is beneficial for disturbed and psychic problems of a mind. Astrologically, Lord Chandra signifies mind, intelligence, heart, mother, honey, rice, benevolence, alcohol, milk and charisma. The Moon is the single most planets in the Vedic Astrology because the state of mind is responsible for all emotional aspects of a person. A healthy mind makes a healthy body. Chandra( Moon) Yagya is very effective for the Astrologically, Lord Chandra (Moon) is the significator of mind and intelligence, heart, mother, general well being of body, facial luster, watery substances, lakes, sea, juices, alcohol, milk, honey, rice, benevolence of the women and women organizations. The person, who wants to enhance these aspects in his life, should opt for Chandra (Moon) Yagya. Astrokapoor suggests this Yagya for recovery from severe illness and to remove upcoming physical problems. A person born under Cancer Ascendant is highly recommended for Chandra (Moon) Yagya at regular intervals of life. It is also very beneficial for person passing by through adverse Dasa/Transit of Lord Chandra.

Astrokapoor conducts this Chandra (Moon) Yagya with the Vedic Mantras along with some potent verses from Vedas. Our clients are from the business of liquids, cold drinks, alcohols, ceramics, chemicals, juices. Clients, who are a part of women organizations, have been highly benefitted from this Yagya.

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