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Relocation Report by Astrologer Prashant Kapoor

Relocation brings a lot anxiety, since it needs a lot of plan, mental preparation. In the name of relocation, doubts are bound to come since there is so much of uncertainty lies with a new place.  People are mostly in dilemma whether to move to new place? Whether to accept the transfer and to relocate, or to leave the offer? Mostly people go through several such thoughts while planning to relocate. Sometimes we are so well established in a place that we don’t want to move to some other place. In fact shear thinking of leaving the  place brings a feeling of homesickness. All these feelings are natural since there are so much of uncertainty about a new place and also because it takes some time to adjust in a new place with new people and new surroundings.

Astrological findings can help you to get out of the same stuff easily.

We have the answers to your problems. Should you move to the new place? Is the direction of the new place of relocation is favoring you? These are the most basic questions which can come to your mind while relocation. Complete and detailed horoscope analysis of the relocation place can help you to remove any such thought and also enable you to take the right decision because place and direction matter a lot in our life. If we are in the direction, which is not favoring our place of birth and the date of birth, then it becomes difficult for us to adjust and grow in the new place. In this relocation report, there will be complete analysis of the planetary positions and the transition of planets at a particular time and date, month or year. The movement during the transitory phase of the planets also creates disturbances in the movement from one place to another but it is just for a few weeks and for a few days, so to avoid relocation if all the conditions are favorable may not be the correct decision for future life.

You can avoid any of these hassles in your relocation by the complete relocation report by Mr. Prashant Kapoor. In this report, there will be the complete analysis of effects of ascendants and moon in your horoscope, astrological effects of planets, Astro advice, Remedial suggestions like gemstones and remedies, Specific answer to your query, and Astrological analysis to your situation. The delivery of the reports for the relocation analysis will be delivered after 72 hours because it needs a very careful study and analysis of various permutations and combinations.

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