Court cases or legal clashes are the most painful and challenging issue in life which has no immediate solution. Everyone desires not to face any legal complications in life weather due to marriage, finances, domestic issue, scams etc. Legal Astrology is the only science which can predict legal problems in life and can predict winning and losing a court battle by decoding planetary combination in horoscope of native.


Legal matters can drain a person mentally, financially and emotionally. Legal battles are not only unpredictable but mind numbing as well. Even though you have hired the best lawyer, at times it all goes in vain.

Here, Legal Astrology comes into play!

No matter what the reason is for you being in a legal battle, it is either by you or against you, you certainly want to win. But the weak planetary combinations in the horoscope can succumb all your desires to win.

Legal Astrology not only decodes the possibility of winning or losing a court case from native’s horoscope but offers remedies also in case chances of winning are low. It also predicts future court cases/ legal matters and prepares you beforehand.


Astrological readings give you a clear picture of winning or losing the court case. Just the way a doctor provides medicine to a weak patient, A Legal astrologer will help you with various remedies to strengthen your weak planets to assure your victory.

Once you are involved in court cases or litigations, you look forward to all the possibilities and solutions that can guarantee your success in court cases. Legal Astrology surely helps to win court cases.

Legal astrology analysis helps you decide whether out of court settlement will be fruitful or fighting it legally in the court will fetch you better results. Detailed study of planets also indicate how long the court case can stretch, whether it will become complicated and what are the chances of winning, So that you can take decisions accordingly.

If your natal chart indicates that going for out of court settlement will have better results and less complications then deciding the same will save you from wasting unnecessary time and money and it gives peace of mind at the earliest. Your Legal astrologer can guide you best according to your natal chart if going for settlement than prolonging the legal battle causes less trouble.

However, if pursuing legal battle is the only option or your choice for that matter, there are Astrological remedies to evaluate the pros & cons of the court cases and provide best astrological remedies to help you win.

Be very careful in selecting your advocate / lawyer who will represent your case. Legal Astrology can even assist with recommending the loyalty of your lawyer. Always remember that on professional ground all lawyers may be the same but qualities and traits of all professionals can be different.


Legal Astrology efficiently forecasts the result of your legal issues and litigations. He analyses the strength of native’s planets in dealing with court cases If right thing is done on wrong timing, it can be a disaster. Your Legal astrologer can guide you with the best time to file a case, appear or defer the court case which will strengthen your chances of winning. He also examines what combinations in one’s chart take the native in the court for any reason, i.e., marriage, job, business, work, friends, relative, etc. and also suggests the time when the native is going to get favorable results from the court.

 It is compulsory for a Legal astrologer to know which planet gives the maximum positive results as per your chart. Strengthening favorable planet will bear positive results.  Legal Astrology remedies for legal cases guides you selecting the specific lawyer and recommend best remedies.



Prashant Kapoor is a world-renowned astrologer practicing the divine science Astrology since more than two decades. Mr. Prashant Kapoor has implemented modern technology to keep himself updated on various scientific outlook and techniques, which makes his astrological predictions more accurate or close to reality. He has unflinching record of 1500+ successful Legal astrology cases so far.

Having served Corporate Industry for years as IT professional he was keen to integrate astrological science in corporate growth strategy. Eventually with his in-depth research and practice he has become one of the top most Legal Corporate Astrologer in India and overseas. Many top listed multi-national organizations avail Corporate Astrology services and empaneled Prashant Kapoor as their Legal corporate astrologer to understand best layout of company, possible and fruitful Merger & Acquisition, association and partnerships, management changes etc.

His predictions on the major events of one’s life including health, wealth, peace, prosperity, career, business, job, financial prospects, marriage life, love life, romance, divorce & separation, matchmaking, spouse compatibility, education, litigation, property, house/vehicle/assets purchase, foreign travel, conceiving child, longevity, chronicle diseases, liver cirrhosis, pancreatic damage, and any stomach problem, kidney problem, brain-related issues, psychological disorders, fertility and impotency diagnosis, cure & treatment are near to accurate.


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