VastuVastu is a very ancient science of the Indian civilization. Vastu Shastra shows the correct direction that combines all the five element of nature and balances with the man and material. It creates a conducive atmosphere in a structure in which we can bring the best. Vastu Shastra is universal, rational, practical and utilitarian science. The principle which was laid down by the Vastu Shastra was formulated keeping in view the cosmic energy which is Sun, its light, solar energy, direction of wind, moon position and the earth’s magnetic field.

Five Element of Vastu
The basic five elements of the world are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

The Directions
The selection of proper direction is essential for the growth and development of the home and the business. The correct orientation of building is not only for saving energy but also for better health and comfortable living. Better orientation is essential for good health, wealth and progress. Building of any type and construction is purposeful if the orientation of the building is in a proper way; otherwise it is a waste to build luxurious buildings.
East – East stands for the Sun rise. It is for the new beginning. It is very useful for the people need to start something new and trying to end something bad.
West – West is for the don’t then do’s. People who live in the west direction lead a very unhappy and disturbed life.
North – North is the direction which is best for the business people. The planet which rules the North direction is Mercury. It helps to get more and more profit in the business.
South – South is a contradictory direction. It is believed that people who live in the south direction will get profit and prosperity, but it is only for few days and month.
It is essential to follow proper Vastu Shastra in your workplace, in the construction of the building, and houses for proper prosperity and growth. Get consultation with the Vastu Expert to know more. The effect of Vastu is permanent as earth is revolving around the Sun, in the geo – stationary orbit.

Astrokapoor has an expert Vastu team which can guide you properly in choosing the direction for growth and development.

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