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Astrokapoor’s dedicated team of Astrologers, Vaastu Experts, Numerologists helps in increasing the energy of the organization with the help of study all the elements of astrology such as Vastu, Numerology, Feng Shui etc. This research oriented team, working under the capable guidance of Mr. Vipin Kapoor and Mr. Prashant Kapoor, has the benefit of regular interface with Management experts, financial wizards, Engineers and architects. It is significant here that Mr. Prashant Kapoor himself has spent a long duration of 10 years in the multinational company as a software professional and has been providing consultancy to many top companies. Due to our best Astrologer Prashant Kapoor quality, knowledge and crave for perfectness in a short span of time he has become one of the famous corporate astrologer/ corporate vastu expert within the country and overseas.

To ensure plentiful output, good profit and competence in work, many people design their workplace according to vastu shastra. Following vaastu remedies for office ensures that its employees will work efficiently, which in turn would prove to be advantageous for the company. Vastu principles for offices takes into consideration many factors, which include the most suitable location for the workplace, office external in with respect to of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception should be located, arrangement of various electronic gadgets etc

The Science of Vastu helps in changing the cosmic energies into material remuneration for the residents of the Vastu-based office. It creates a rhythm and balance in the building to ensure a success and constant growth in the corporate world.Vastu Shastra can be adapted for new constructions, existing offices, factories, corporate buildings, hospitals etc. Corporate Vastu facilitates in betterment of health, happiness & Prosperity, maximizes compatibility/harmony among employees working within the building, delivers a highly efficient and optimized spaces, proper flow of physical energies like solar, thermal, magnetic, electrical and other known & unknown cosmic energies, merge the natural surroundings to the constructions, shields from natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, etc. and lastly but not the least enhances artistic value of the constructions.Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘corporate vastu feng shui analyses report and vedic solutions’ offered by AstroKapoor group for Corporate Business Astrology may contact at admin@astrokapoor.comConsultation fee for this service ‘Corporate Vastu Feng Shui’ analyses report and vedic solutions 3000 USD as yearly package up to strength of five hundered employees in the company. Note* Additional charges be applicable if the company has bigger strength of their employees and different setup of branches.

Corporate Astrology