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Current Business Analysis can be best analysed by Corporate Astrology. If your company is going through an unexpected hitch or revenues are not generated upto the mark, corporate astrologers helps the top management to find out the problem and also recommends remedies through natal chart study, Vastu, numerology etc. AstroKapoor group of astrologers not only alert most explicit conditions about the feasibility of the company/organization/farm, but also advise about the critical issues to be taken care of. This include particular time, project reviving, fund raising options, suitability of specific persons for specific assignments on the basis of their domain analyzed on the basis of their horoscopes, also advice and suggest suitable strategies for the reinforcement of the company. Our corporate astrologers do exact Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis of company’s/owner’s business house with respect to current business scenario as well as future condition by using Vedic Astrology and other branch of astrological science. We give complete assurance to improve current business as well as future strength of the company by our appropriate analysis, interpretation and solution.

If your business is not taking off according to your expectataion, then it is essential to go for Current Businss Analysis. You are continuously facimg loss in the business and you are unable to know the exact reason of loss, then corporate astrology analysis should be done. It is difficult for even traditional management to figure out the exact cause of the minimal growth in the business. Correct analysis of the horoscope of the all the presonnal can analyse the current business analyis of any organization. All planets work in synchroziation for performance of the common goal for grand success.

Sun - It denotes leadership qualities. It also helps in monitoring the current business.

Mercury - Best analytical power is the main function of Mercury.

Venus - It supports the team members of any organization.

Sun and Jupiter - Intuitive power in managerial decision making.

Moon - Good atmosphere of the company.

Mars - It provides vigor and stamina to all the members of the organization.

Jupiter - Mentors the senior line manager.

Rahu - Modern wisdom for corporate sucess with high degree of permutation combination.

Our main corporate astrologer, Astrologer Prashant Kappor advices and also suggests on current business strategies of the company/organization by his in-depth knowledge of astrology and long span of IT/Software experience. He is recognized as one of the best astrological strategy advisor/consultant in several companies where he provides strategies & analytical solution and guidance to take the company in the highest niche of success in the businesses through his profound knowledge of astrology-numerology-vaastu-graphology science & his sound experience for today’s corporate world.

Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘Current business enterprise/venture - Analysis and Strategies’ offered by AstroKapoor group for Corporate Astrology may contact at CURRENT BUSINESS ANALYSIS

Consultation fee for this service ‘Current business enterprise/venture - Analysis and Strategies’ report. 2800 USD up to five hundred employees as yearly package. Note* Additional charges will be applicable as number of employee increases.

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