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Blood Pressure Treatment by Ayurveda and Medical astrology

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood pushing against the walls of the blood pressure. It can also be defined as the pressure of the heart because the oxygenated blood is carried to the heart and the deoxygenated blood is released from the heart. Any dysfunction in the circulation of blood leads to irregular pressure. In the language of a layman, it is a disease, but in the medical terminology, it is condition and not a disease. Normal blood pressure is measured between 120/80. But if it is above the mentioned figures then it is a sign of fluctuating blood pressure.

There are several reasons and cause of blood pressure but the main factors are:

a) Smoking b) Too much weight c) Older age d) Genetic disorders e) Sleep disturbance f) Anemia g) Family history of high blood pressure

These are main factors that cause high B.P (Blood Pressure) or Hypertension. It is essential to have a regular diagnosis for preventing the onset of this severe blood condition because in the long run, an intake of the drugs to curb the same can cause severe side effects to the body. Immediate rise in blood pressure can cause brain hemorrhage by the stroke of blood in the brain. In an emergency, a person suffering from hypertension can get into an alarming situation due to rise in the hormone level in the body and irregular circulation of blood. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the blood pressure for maintaining sound health. Ayurveda can cure blood pressure effectively. Ayurveda is a very old ancient science that deals with the proper and a disciplined life for maintaining a healthy life. Certain herbs and Ayurvedic drugs can help to remove the reason causing blood pressure or hypertension.

Treatment of Blood Pressure in Medical astrology

There are various astrological reasons that can cause high blood pressure. Moon is responsible for the blood thickness. Afflicted moon can diminish blood thickness. Negative moon and negative mars cause high blood pressure. If shani+ mangal is weak in the horoscope, it causes the weakness of the large arteries. An irregular and a chained line of heart is also an indication of blood-related disorders. So the role of medical astrology is very important in curing various diseases. An expert medical astrologer can find the possible cause and reason if someone is suffering from hypertension at an early stage. An ill placement of malefic planets in one’s horoscope during the time of birth is also an indication of ill health and diseases. Therefore, along with the proper medication, an expert astrological consultation can also help to get rid of the various diseases by the use of proper gems therapy and color therapy. Certain remedies are also prescribed in medical astrology for certain planets that act as a blessing in curing the reasons and conditions of various diseases and ill health.

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